1 thought on “What do you become a major theme of automobile society?”

  1. Automotive intelligence is a hot topic of the current automotive industry. It not only has the direction of the future development of automotive technology, but also has an impact on the current automotive market. In the past two years, some of the former star models have fallen significantly, which is related to new changes in consumers' demand for automobiles. Behind market changes is caused by consumption upgrade, and consumption upgrades are concentrated in two aspects: new energy technology and intelligence. The level of intelligence determines the degree of consumers' willingness to buy.
    In fact, the current decline in the sales of some popular star models is not the judging elements of a car on the results of the traditional concepts such as appearance, interior, craftsmanship, and chassis. Upgrade for consumption. Some models originally appeared shortcomings in intelligence, but because the consumption upgrade will be more revealed; some are the update iteration speed of intelligent technology and does not keep up with the speed of consumption upgrade. When analyzing market changes, automobile companies must be soberly seen that with the further advancement of Internet technology, the importance of intelligence will become more and more obvious in the future. Intelligence must be deployed as an important strategy of enterprise development.

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