1 thought on “Can Jilin Province build a bull house on the homestead?”

  1. It can be removed.
    The provisions of Article 8, paragraph 2, paragraph 2 of the Land Management Law (2019 "(2019" Land Management Law have been amended as Article 9, paragraph 2). The right to use at the base, so the homestead cannot be inherited by the legal property of the citizen's individual. It can only be circulated in the village collective, and it needs to be approved by the land management department to issue documents according to law. Individual citizens can inherit the houses on the homestead and then enjoy the right to use the homestead.
    The rest assured that it is not easy to reach the degree of recovery of the homestead. This requires a long time on the homestead. There is no house for a long time. The room has collapsed for a long time, or it has been demolished by myself and has not been restored for more than two years. Therefore, as long as the house on the homestead is there, the homestead will not be recovered.

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