How do I say hello to my colleagues in the kindergarten teacher group?

How to say hello to my colleagues in the kindergarten teacher group

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  1. 1. Parents and friends, hello you! I am ×× teacher. In order to educate their children's learning and human beings in the future, parents can communicate in time and enters this group. I hope that parents and friends have problems or suggestions to communicate with each other here. Let's join hands to build a good future for children! 2. My name is XX. I am very happy that I can be a teacher, especially when you are such a smart classmate. I taught XX, but my style is not boring. I have to make XX class as interesting like a physical education class. Please actively give me opinions in the future study. For the first time, I do n’t understand a lot of teachers. I am also a process of learning. I learn how to be a good teacher and a qualified teacher. 3. I believe that as long as we have worked together, I will learn how to do a good job of the experience and ability of a teacher, work together with our classmates, and create a new situation! 4. Remember the year of the normal graduation, my class teacher taught us in this way: I chose the profession of teacher, which is equivalent to choosing to be unknown; people can silently, but work cannot be obedient because your work will directly affect several children. fate. Over the past few years, I have remembered the teacher's teachings in my heart, always keeping in mind the duty of a teacher, and dedicating youth to the hot land that I love deeply. 5. XX kindergarten has strong teachers and talents, and many valuable education and teaching experience are worthy of my serious figures and learning. I will really start with a student and study the good teaching methods of teachers. I hope that teachers can not hesitate Enlightenment, help me, thank you in advance!
    The new teacher in kindergarten enters the group to say hello to everyone, I am xxx, please give me more advice in the future! In fact, after joining, there is no need to say hello, and few people care!
    hello; hi; nice to meet you; how are you; Long time no see ..............

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