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  1. . So far, the academic community's highest specifications of the sexual sex supplies industry in the academic community
    The social value and significance of the gender sex supplies led by the Chinese Society and the Symposium on Symposium and the Chinese Society Industry Branch preparatory The first meeting of the group was successfully held in Beijing on the afternoon of July 18, 2019. More than thirty people including the relevant leaders of the Chinese Society and the experts and scholars of sexual and reproductive health, sex education and sexual psychology, and industry organization representatives attended the meeting.
    The meeting of the meeting was chaired by Tong Li, the director of the Chinese Society and Director of the Chinese Society of Sexual Society. Professor Peng Xiaohui, Vice President of the Society, Chairman of the Sexual Education Branch, Professor Wu Junqing, Director of the Chinese Society, Standing Committee of the Shanghai CPPCC, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Research Health Research and Development Center, Director of the Chinese Society, President of "Chinese Sex Science" magazine Assistant Jiao Baoyuan, the author of sex science, psychological counselor, Weibo two sex million -million -dollar large V Yixi, deputy secretary -general of the Chinese Society of Sexual Education, Tan Guodian, Secretary of the Chinese Academy of Sexual Studies, the experts attended the sexual interest The social value and significance of the supplies gave a wonderful keynote speech in their respective research fields.

    It, the people attending the meeting also included some representatives of commercial organizations, as well as Sohu, Tencent, the Chinese Society of Sexual Society, "Men", new buds, health circles and many other media. on site. Participating experts gave keynote speeches on the social value and significance of gender sex supplies. Representatives of other industry organizations also delivered their own opinions and conducted warm discussions. Then the participating experts responded to the questions of the reporters on the spot, and the future development of the industry has played. Very inspirational effect.
    This industry has become a solution for contradictions in a new type of society
    Faced with the changes in the global economic growth rate, both sexual relations between my country and social population structure have changed. With the continuous improvement of living standards, gender sex products gradually enter daily life. As long as human beings exist, they need sexual supplies. However, due to the long -term influence of traditional culture, the attitude of Chinese people's attitude towards sex supplies is still wanting to sue and cannot be frank and generous to promote their health and family harmony.
    If experts pointed out that the divorce rate of first -tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai in my country is still high, and a large part of the reason is caused by sexual life discord. Good qualified sexual supplies can increase the taste of husband and wife, guarantee the health of affairs, and promote the harmony of the relationship between husband and wife. The use of daily products such as condoms and lubricating oil can also effectively reduce sexually transmitting diseases and reduce HIV infection. After more than 30 years of development, the sexual supplies industry is silently changing the Chinese people who talk about sexual changes into Chinese people with positive, safe, healthy, and pleasant sexual concepts, and use practical actions to improve the quality of sexual life of users.
    The National Statistics Bureau introduced the operation of the national economy in 2018 that at the end of 2018, the number of men in my country was 71.351 million, the number of women's population was 68.187 million, and the proportion of men and women was 104.64: 100. After 13 consecutive years of decline in the gender ratio of the total population, so far, the Chinese male population is still 31.64 million more than the female population. The "marriage squeezing" caused by more men and women for many years, making it difficult for a large number of men's age groups to solve single problems and passively become "leftover men".
    If experts point out: The sexual needs of such large -scale adult single groups need to be reasonably guided and digested in order to prevent India's high sexual crime rate social problems. As far as the domestic environment is concerned, sex products can effectively alleviate this social contradiction. Its use brings the release of desire, the acquisition of happiness, does not endanger the society, and promote the physical and mental health of the individual. Therefore, it has a positive social significance. In the short term, it is difficult to solve the imbalance of gender proportions and the gradual improvement of the people in quality life.
    The high -standard seminar said

    The secretary -general of the Chinese Society and Director of the Chinese Society of Sexual Society
    Everyone briefly introduced the background and research direction of the Chinese Society. Speaking of the holding of this meeting, he believes that it can be said to be a discussion and exchange of the highest specifications in the academic world. In his memory, the last academic community discussed this issue in 2014. Learning from the results of the study of research. For a long time, the academic community has paid great attention to the research on the field of sexy health, so the convening of this conference is very meaningful.

    The vice president of the Chinese Society Professor Peng Xiaohui delivered a speech at the meeting
    The chairman of the Vice President of the Chinese Society of Sexual Society, professor of human sex at Huazhong Normal University, and marriage and family in Hubei Province Peng Xiaohui, a special professor of the Research Society, first published a speech entitled "Industrialization of Sexual Academic and Sexual -Leading and Leverage". It is necessary to use the results of sexual research and the popularization of sex education to promote the development of sex industries. Professor Peng Xiaohui's interesting and vivid speech not only actively the atmosphere in the field, but also caused a lot of new thinking about the positioning of sexy supplies.
    The definition of the concept of "obscene" is taken as an example. He believes that our current research and popularization of education are not in place. When the outside world mentioned the sexual products of the sex, it will always think that it is full of "obscene". Professor Peng Xiaohui believes that this is a wrong understanding. He pointed out that sexual behavior itself is neutral. Judging whether a thing is obscene can not depend on the object itself, but it must be necessary, but must be necessary, but must be necessary to, but must, but must, must, must, must, must, must be. Consider many factors such as users, use time, use scenario, purpose of use, and results. When defining the concept of "obscene", we must comprehensively consider multiple dimensions such as sex science, law, and sociology. The main role of sex products is to improve sexual pleasure, and sexual pleasure itself is also an important symbol of sexual health.

    Wu Junqing, director of the Chinese Society, Standing Committee of the Shanghai CPPCC, and deputy director of the Shanghai Research Health Research and Development Center of Shanghai, made entitled "The social significance and value of adult products in the comprehensive consultation of sexual and reproductive health "The report, from the perspective of special groups such as mobile population, college students, artificial abortion, and sexual dissemination of diseases, respectively. In the report, she pointed out that if adults can be promoted, some people can meet the deep sexual needs of people.
    In investigation and research, Professor Wu Junqing believes that the sexual product market will still maintain high -speed development in the next 15 years, and adult supplies are the deep demands of the people. The focus of the future work is to clarify and uniform quality standards to avoid vacuum in supervision, so as to promote the healthy development of the adult supplies industry.

    The deputy secretary -general of the Chinese Society of Sexual Education Tan Guodian
    Tan Guodian, Secretary of the Chinese Academy of Sexual Society, from the perspective of users, investigate and study with The feedback sample deeply reveals the idea of ​​most sexual supplies users, and injects more inspiration and humanistic care to the future product design of the sex products.

    The director of the Chinese Society, Jiao Baoyuan, president of "Chinese Sex Science" magazine
    The director of Chinese Society, Jiao Baoyuan, president of "Chinese Sex Science" magazine, through the characteristics of the gender sex market. After the analysis, it is pointed out that it is unrealistic to expect the industry's self -discipline. The healthy development of the interesting market still requires external constraints. When formulating relevant policy standards, the industry associations represent the interests and orientations of their respective enterprises, and it is difficult to form a consensus. Only the academic units such as the Chinese Society to do such things are more professional and objective.

    This science popularization author, psychological counselor, Weibo two sex million big V Yiheng
    sex science science science author queen C-CUP Yiheng is a big coffee active on the sex education front, She has a convenient condition that she can observe the attitude of young women to the sexual issues through her online courses. Her conclusion is that the topic that young women care about are closely related to their sexual pleasure. Benefiting from the openness and tolerance of the Internet, women have more rights and ways to express, so that the world has the opportunity to hear the voice of this group. Now discussing consumption downgrade everywhere, but the pursuit of sexual pleasure does not only exist in first -tier cities. This demand is so common, so that if the professional content does not occupy these traffic, it will soon be divided by other forces.

    Sub -subsequent experts who participated in the social value and significance of sex products have expressed their views and conducted a warm discussion, and put forward many constructive opinions. Severe lag is not conducive to the harmonious development of society, hoping to introduce the research results of sexual studies in the future formulation process. The industry representatives have also stigma on the sex industry. How to break the situation has expressed their views. Some representatives believe that from the perspective of the big aspect, the sexual product industry has contributed to the process of social advancement, and it can make family life more harmonious. Essence

    The president of the Chinese Society and Dean of the Chinese Academy of Sexual Sciences
    In discussion, the president of the Chinese Society, Dean of the Chinese Academy of Sexual Science Jiang Hui, Director of the Hospital, made an important summary speech, explaining the thinking and actions of the Chinese Society in promoting sexual science in recent years.

    This my country launched a healthy China strategy this year, and the purpose of the Chinese Society is to closely focus on the country's measures to comprehensively promote the macro strategy of "Chinese sex, happiness China". President Jiang Hui concluded that the sex industry must be bigger in the future and can be bigger, but this requires the nation's colleagues to unite and use academic and science to correctly guide.

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