1 thought on “Will there be scratches for the gold bought by the store?”

  1. There are scratches on the gold purchased by the store. It is normal for scratches to have scratches just bought in the store. Generally speaking, the texture of the gold is originally soft. The scratches above are produced during the processing of processing. Therefore, the scratches just bought by the gold are normal. In the normal wearing process, it is necessary to avoid bumps.
    If the scratch is not beautiful on the newly bought gold, it is recommended to gently polish the surface of the gold with the agate knife to clean up the scratches above. Or use a round glass to dip the water, slowly rub on the surface of the gold, so as to grind the scratches. If the scratch on the surface of the gold is too deep and it cannot be repaired by itself, it is recommended to bring valid invoices such as warranty cards to shops that purchase gold for after -sales maintenance.
    Gold treatment method
    If found that gold is found on the spot in the golden store, you can buy another. Secondly, if it is within the seven days of purchasing, you can go home to find that gold is defective, you can use the bill to the original purchase gold shop for negotiation. Generally, this situation will generally change a new time for free. Finally, if it is a man -made flaw, buying a gold shop will not accept it.
    It can only be a supplementary fee and change the new model. Gold is more sensitive, but you can prove that you bought it from there, and compare the weight of each other without changing, then of course, it can be replaced. This is completely okay, and you don’t have to worry about it.

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