The interaction between network speed and network devices such as routers

Speed and your application for access to the bandwidth of the size, the length of the cable, network cable production quality, the cable itself quality (pure copper or copper clad aluminum cables), light cat, wireless routers, switches and other network equipment processing capacity performance a lot to do, also with your terminal, such as your mobile phone, computer configuration is very high processing speed, speed is also relatively quickly.

Because of signal attenuation and interference, that is, the longer the cable, the slower the speed. But often home networks are not visible or even felt.

And wireless router 150M, 300M and other parameters refer to the maximum bandwidth, the unit is Mbps, namely 150Mbps, 300Mbps.

This parameter refers to the maximum speed at which all wireless devices connected to the router can send and receive data simultaneously. The 300M router supports a maximum data exchange speed of 300Mbps=37.5MB/s. In other words, the 300M router can simultaneously send and receive 37.5MB of data in one second at most. If the network speed is gigabit fiber, the 300M router will not be able to reach the maximum speed. The theoretical transmission speed of gigabit fiber is 125MB. Far faster than the 37.5MB router speed of the 300M router.

The main factors that determine network speed are as follows:

1. Configuration of personal mobile phones, computers, light cats and routers

(1) The processing capacity of the computer's core accessories, such as the central processing unit (CPU), is not strong, which affects the response speed.

(2) Insufficient resources in the computer's internal memory.

(3) The operating system version does not match the processing capability, or does not support relevant applications, or has vulnerabilities.

(4) Optical cats, routers and switches that access bandwidth also need good brands with high quality and stable operation

2, personal mobile phone, computer applications.

(1) Too many application software are installed in the automatic startup program, which affects the computer startup speed.

(2) After the computer is connected to the network, part of the system software or anti-virus software will be automatically upgraded, occupying network resources.

(3) The installed firewall takes up the processing capacity of the computer, causing the download to slow down.

(4) The computer is infected with a virus.

The interaction between network speed and network devices such as routers

3. Electromagnetic interference. Terminals such as computers and "cats" are close to household appliances such as microwave ovens and cordless telephones, which are prone to electromagnetic interference, causing interference.

4. "Freeloading." If you do not set a password after installing a wireless router, other customers may "surf the Internet" and the network speed may decrease.

5. Internet habits. Customers using multiple applications, downloading multiple files, visiting multiple websites or opening multiple pages at the same time all have an impact on Internet speed.

6. Access mode and access bandwidth. The access mode and bandwidth selected by customers must be consistent with frequently used service applications. If the customer frequently uses high-rate services but the selected access bandwidth is low, the perceived rate may also be affected.

7. The number of customers visiting the site surged. With a surge of simultaneous visits to a site, customers who visit the site experience slower Internet speeds and the site may crash.

Surfing the Internet during peak hours. In peak hours, the number of Internet users increases, and the consumption of the entire network resources increases, and the network bottleneck increases, and the network speed slows down.

9. System configuration of the website. The parallel processing capacity of the website server is not strong enough, which makes it difficult to bear many customers' visits, and also causes low customer experience rate.

10, the connection bandwidth of the website. The bandwidth of the website connecting to the Internet is not high enough, which will also affect the customer's perception of speed.

11. A few customers' applications take up a lot of bandwidth. Resources on the Internet are shared by online customers. Some customers use special software to download or upload information, occupying most of the bandwidth, affecting the use of other customers.

The quality of the cable, the production, the thickness of the copper core

Precautions for network speed test:

1. It is recommended to test the network speed for several times and take the average value. It can also be tested in different periods, such as every morning and evening to take the average value, which will be closer to the real value.

2, network speed test results are for reference only, not absolutely representative.

3, network speed test results will be affected by the user's computer performance, resource usage, network peak, website service ability, line and other factors; Therefore, the test result is slightly lower than the actual speed.

4, the test environment is recommended to use wired network test, because wireless network is subject to no

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