The Gospel of women is coming! A thrill beyond love!

The first thing you should understand is that the location of the G-spot, 3-5cm inside the vocal tract, is on the anterior wall of the vocal tract, which is near the navel.

However, it doesn't "wait for you" all the time. It's only when you're sufficiently aroused that the G-spot swelters, and that's when stimulating it is useful.

To stimulate the G-spot, you don't need to vibrate deeply, you simply fit it and slide it back and forth with a 'come here' gesture.

This is why, "pile driver", "great miracles", are not as useful as a flexible "goldfinger". If you got the location right, and you got the technique right, then you likely didn't pick the right vibrator.

​Numerous of the sticks on the market are soft where they enter the body and where the head meets the body,

It's the best vibrator for g spot because it's easy to get into, and once you're in, you can adjust the angle of stimulation to suit your needs.


However, they do "G point pressure slide massage" when bending, once bending, extremely not easy "riveting full strength", all of a sudden down.

The solution to this problem is simple. All you need is a stick with a stiff head and a stiff head joint.

After comparing numerous of the same type of pop, we recommend this to you ~

Its appearance looks elegant and chic, like a dinner spoon. However, this is a special spoon to stimulate the G spot.​

Some bangs claim to be "G-spot" bangs, but once you're in the body, you're not sure if the stimulation you're feeling is coming from the G-spot or somewhere else.

But Kerry's length ensures that when you put the stick in, it hits exactly the G-spot. You just have to switch it on and enjoy it.​

What's more, the head and the connection between the head and the fuselage are tough!

This "rough connection" will allow you to press tough on the G spot, it will not bend, can better press on the G spot.

If you are using it for the first time, please foreplay and lubricate carefully before entering.

Instead of putting the stick inside the body, you can tease the bean with the head first.

Wait until beans feel close to the nest, then put in, it will be smoother, you will be easier to get to the G-spot nest.

Then, with your favorite gear and vibration frequency, back and forth to slide the G spot!

If you prefer the fullness of the tone channel, you can also try to get their tinky winky into it.

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