How do smart meters look at electricity?

​The intelligent energy meter is the intelligent terminal of energy Internet. It is not the traditional energy meter, intelligent energy meter in addition to the traditional energy meter basic electricity consumption measurement function. In order to integrate into the smart energy and power grid, it also has the function of dual multi-rate measurement, user control function, dual data communication function of multiple data transmission modes, anti-electricity theft function and other intelligent functions.

A, intelligent energy meter how to see

First of all, there are four standard values above the energy meter, these four friends who read the instructions may understand, is the peak, peak, flat, valley, see on the Internet that some places of smart meters are likely to only 2 or 3 projects, but this does not harm you to see the meter, the four standard values actually refer to the rate period, In general, the peak is the first because it means the highest electricity rate, in other words, the peak time of electricity consumption rate is the highest, and so on, this is actually the power companies to incentivize us to use electricity during off-peak hours.

How do smart meters look at electricity?

Every household electricity is according to the four time jump by metrological verification. The total power consumption is calculated according to the total number of these four values, so a lot of people complain about electricity suddenly increasing. The key is also due to the peak power consumption is too large. Here is the power consumption, so how is how much power left to look at?

There is a button on the smart meter that controls the 28 functions of the meter, but instead of pressing it a lot, you only need to press it two to five times (depending on the region) to see what's left in the bill or what's left in the bill.

Two, other meters how to see the degree

The first type: general straight forward single-phase meter and three-phase meter can load data at the same time minus the previous value is the electricity of this period. The straight - through ammeter has a thick incoming line, and carefully observe that there is no current transformer connection.

The second: Three-phase electric meter according to the current transformer connected interface mode of three phase meter, electricity meter wiring has 10 wiring, to observe the connection for a current ratio of current transformer, current transformer factory brand has, above all is a data than 5 mark, such as 100/5150/5, meter data loaded by the current ratio is metrological verification of electricity, Accurate also want to add variable loss and line loss.

The third type: single-phase ammeter measures the amount of three-phase electricity. The amount of electricity is loaded by multiplying the data on the meter by 3 in the straight-through connecting meter. If the ammeter connected by the transformer is loaded by multiplying the current rate of the transformer and then multiplying by 3.

How does a smart meter measure power?

He showed that both times were on the same day. You can see the two sets below:

Total positive direction: 3491.94 KWH, there is a forward valley of 1616.92 KWH. How do you check the degree?

According to the description, the electricity meter with the rate period is applied. According to the different regions, there will be four rate periods of sharp, peak, flat and valley differences (some regions may only have 2 or 3 periods). The electricity price of different periods is not the same, mainly in order to better stimulate the separation of the peak period of electricity consumption. In general, the peak rate period has the highest electricity consumption price, followed by the peak rate period, then the flat rate period, and the valley rate period has the lowest electricity consumption price. When the meter measures electricity, it will jump to different time periods according to the time range (internal setting of the meter) to carry out measurement. If the meter you are talking about, in the valley period, the electricity consumption of the home electricity meter application is 1616.92kWh.

Natural meters record the total electricity consumption when they are tested.

Therefore, in general, the following correlation will occur:

Total electricity consumption = electricity consumption in peak rate period + electricity consumption in peak rate period + electricity consumption in flat rate period + electricity consumption in valley rate period.

Your meter is caused by valley electricity, should be the electricity of other rate periods. Naturally, other rates are likely to have one, two or three, but the total electricity is certainly not going to become.

There is also a "positive" meaning that you use the electricity in the positive direction. Today's electronic meters will generally be made into a reverse charge recorded in the positive direction. So it's not easy to do any harm to your total battery, which means it won't work for anyone.

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