What is the difference between LED strip and strip

First, different nature.​

1, LED lamp properties: the LED assembly in the belt FPC (flexible circuit board) or PCB hard board, because its product shape is like a belt and named.

2, the nature of the lamp strip: another name of the lamp strip, is also named because of its shape.

Two different characteristics
1, LED light belt features:

(1) Soft, can be arbitrarily curled.

(2) can be cut and extended.

(3) The light bulb and the channel are completely coated in flexible plastic, with good insulation and waterproof function, and the use of insurance.

(4) strong weather resistance.

(5) not easy to break, the use of long life.


2, the characteristics of the lamp bar:

(1) Cold light source, low heat, will not produce thermal radiation to display goods.

(2) Green environmental protection lighting source, does not produce harmful ultraviolet light, especially suitable for cultural relics, medicine display lighting.

(3) efficient energy-saving, energy-saving more than 65% than fluorescent lamp.

(4) Long service life, one installation can be used for 10 years.

(5) is used to illuminate gold, silver, jewelry, watches and other more crystal bright.

Extended Information:

China LED strip adopts FPC as the assembly circuit board and SMD high-brightness LED as the light source. Every 3 lights is a unit, and every 50 cm is a large length unit. The thickness of this product is just the thickness of a coin. The soft LED strip with free space can be cut at will or extended at will without any influence.

Because the FPC material is soft, it can be bent, folded and wound at will, and can be moved, stretched and broken in 3D space at will; ​it IS SUITABLE FOR irregular places and narrow spaces, and can also be bent and twisted at will. It is suitable for any combination of various patterns in advertisements and other decorations.

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