Select network devices in different scenarios

Some users do not know whether they need to choose a wireless card, MIFI or 4G router.

Today xiaobian according to the scene segmentation, recommend you should choose what kind of products:

I. Business trip and travel

In business travel scenarios, it is recommended to use portable WiFi with integrated charging bank. Easy to carry, the charger is also a daily travel necessities, kill two birds with one stone;

Ii. Industrial/commercial vending machines, etc

It is recommended to use 4G router equipment, powered by power adapter, which is stable and reliable.

Antenna gain is high, performance is guaranteed, in shopping malls, office buildings, signal quality is guaranteed.

Select network devices in different scenarios

Home and holiday villa

If you don't want to use in-home broadband and want to use 4G/5G at home, a 4G router is recommended for the same reason as above.

The current price of 5G CPE is not low and the cost performance is not high. If it is used at home, compared with wireless router, the cost performance is very low. It is recommended to choose home broadband.

Fourth, outdoor activities

Some outdoor engineers, live video bloggers, etc., need to work outdoors, you can choose the portable WiFi with large capacity batteries. If many devices are connected or the network needs are high, you can choose a 4G router.

Student dormitories

Student dormitory, considering the budget, you can choose a small wireless NETWORK card with USB interface, 2 advantages: the price is relatively low, directly connected to the computer after the Internet;

If the budget is sufficient, you can also buy products in the form of router, which can be used for both broadband access and 4G access. In addition, some products backup the two access modes, and continue to use 4G to provide network after disconnection.

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