What is the computer memory used for? How to see the parameters

What is a memory module for?

The program, we use such as Windows98 system, typing software, games, software, etc., are generally installed on the hard disk and other peripheral storage, but that's can't use its function, must put them to memory, can use its function, we usually enter a paragraph of text, or play a game, are performed in memory.

What is the computer memory used for? How to see the parameters

What is the meaning of DDR2 800 and DDR31333

DDR2 refers to the second generation of memory, memory is divided into DDR(generation 1), DDR2(generation 2), DDR3(generation 3), DDR4 (generation 4) of course performance comparison, the third generation performance > generation 2 > generation 1. As for the DDR2 800, the 800 refers to the memory bus frequency. The memory bus frequency determines the front-end bus frequency of the mainboard, such as DDR31600 memory. The front-end bus speed of the mainboard can only reach 1600MHZ, and the DDR42400 memory bus frequency is 2400MHZ.

What is the data bandwidth of memory?

In simple terms, it refers to the data transfer speed of memory. There is a formula like this, memory data bandwidth = bus frequency X bandwidth bits X8. For example, DDR800 memory data bandwidth =800 (MHZ) X64 (Bit) X8=6.4 (GB/s). For dual channels, multiply by 2, which is 12.8GB/s.

Memory particles

The quality of memory particles directly affects the performance of memory, can be said to be the most important core element of memory. So when you buy, try to choose the memory particles produced by large factories, generally common memory particles manufacturers have Samsung, Hyundai, Micron, South Asia, silicon and so on.

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