Now the heat of the graphics card is more and more large, many graphics card heat has exceeded the CPU. Especially in play 3 a type, or made unreal engine game, to test the performance of the graphics is very big, almost a little computer, graphics card fan will turn on, which is a temperature will increase, largely graphics will start alarm, cried, graphics work under high temperature is easy to cause crashes, such as flower screen failure. So how can you lower the temperature of the graphics card?

1, to cool the graphics card, strengthen air circulation is the key:

The high temperature of the graphics card and poor air circulation are important reasons. The chassis fan mainly drives the air flow in the processor area, while the graphics card is below the processor, which is essentially stagnant. In addition, the graphics card PCB board is horizontal in the chassis, equivalent to a partition board, which further obstructs the flow of air, and the temperature of the graphics card is naturally high. Therefore, as long as this part of the air flow, can greatly reduce the temperature of the graphics card.

How to lower the temperature of the graphics card

Now that we know the cause of the high temperature of the graphics card, we have a means to deal with it: by hanging the fan on the side of the chassis, to cool the area where the heat accumulates.

3, buy special fans, now many manufacturers also noticed that the graphics card will heat hot problem, so in order to the user's graphics card life can be a little longer, many computer accessories manufacturers will sell special cooling fan, installed a special computer fan graphics card, the temperature will generally drop about ten degrees.

I hope you can take a look at the configuration supported by the software when playing games, or doing other things with the graphics card, so as to avoid the occurrence of the video card with immovable, and finally burning explosion.

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