Router Management

As we all know, wireless networks are carried by radio waves emitted by routers. But what if the Internet is suddenly gone during normal use? Most people do not understand the use and management of routers, so they will be slow and confused or simply do not understand the situation. So today I will talk about the use and management of routers.

A router is a hardware device that connects two or more networks and acts as a gateway between networks. It is a special intelligent network device that reads the address in each packet and then decides how to transmit it. Routers are classified into local routers and remote routers. Local routers are used to connect network transmission media, such as optical fibers, coaxial cables, and twisted pair cables. The remote router is used to connect the remote transmission medium, and requires the corresponding equipment, such as telephone line to be equipped with a modem, wireless to pass the wireless receiver, transmitter.

Router Management

The router has one power socket, one power cord, one reset button, and one to four LAN cable plugs. First, connect a network cable from the optical modem to the router, then plug the power cable into the power socket and the power cable into the 22V socket, so that the router can start. Then use the network cable delivered with the router to plug into the 1LAN interface, the other end of the plug into the COMPUTER'S LAN interface, so that the computer can also use the network. Then turn the router upside down and write the router model, wireless network name and password, and device login address and password at the bottom. Then turn on the mobile WLAN and connect it to the router's wireless network, and enter the password at the bottom to use it.

If you need to change the password or manage the router's network, keep the WLAN connected to the router's wireless network, open the browser of your mobile phone (computer), click the search bar, and enter the login address of the device (router). You can go to the router login screen and usually there's an admin login password at the bottom of the router. If you have no management does not need to enter a password, this type (without password) router generally use there is no network for the first time, so also need admin interface password Settings and wireless network Settings, broadband (optical fiber) installation, however, researchers tend to set the router installation, so don't need to worry about the router's normal use.

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