The difference between a multi-card aggregation router and a common router

A Router is a device that connects local area networks (Lans) and wide area networks (Wans) on the Internet. A Router, also called a Gateway, is used to connect multiple logically separated networks. The so-called logical network represents a single network or a subnet. When data is transferred from one subnet to another, the routing function of the router is used to complete the transfer. Therefore, the router has the function of judging network address and choosing IP path. It can establish flexible connections in the multi-network interconnection environment. It can connect various subnets with completely different data groups and media access methods.

Multi-card wireless with fiber cable

Multiple CARDS aggregation router supports insert sim card or network of operators to use, and the ordinary router is usually Internet use, from here you can see many card polymerization routers use more convenient and flexible, like mobile phones, on card to use at any time, after all, brace optical fiber is the trouble, and traffic is becoming more and more cheap now.


The multi-card aggregation router can aggregate the bandwidth of multiple Internet links, which not only improves the upstream and downstream network bandwidth in the mobile environment, but also reduces the signal blind area of the mobile network and improves network availability because the device supports the intermixing of SIM cards from different carriers at the same time. And high stability, low delay, no packet loss, meet a variety of very high requirements of special scenes.

The difference between a multi-card aggregation router and a common router

However, the common router only has the link bandwidth of single network or single card. In the case of upstream and downstream network bandwidth and weak network, the disadvantage is very obvious.

Professional application scenarios and common application scenarios

Common routers use scenarios, such as in households or firms company and more card aggregation router generally used in the network stability, latency, bandwidth is higher in the number of scenarios, such as outdoor or populated under the condition of weak network, such as: high-speed train, large conference, hd broadcast live, emergency rescue, outdoor, etc., so ordinary people contact is not much.

Big price difference

Ordinary routers usually cost about 100 yuan, while enterprise-level routers are only hundreds or thousands, while multi-card aggregation routers range from 1,000 yuan to more than 100,000 yuan. The price is much more expensive than ordinary routers, and ordinary consumer users will not buy and use them.

However, with the rapid development of Internet, wireless networks will be more ubiquitous, people's demand for network will be more and more big, more and more is also high to the requirement of bandwidth and the traffic fees is becoming more and more cheap, card aggregation router will be more and more mature, more believe in the near future, more card aggregation router will spread across more industries.

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