Netgear RAX10 Wi-Fi 6 esports router, really stable

With the continuous improvement of the market of smart home and Internet of Things, people's demand for the network is becoming stronger and stronger. For example, it will be very embarrassing to suddenly get stuck at the crucial moment of eating chicken. Wi-fi 6 is bound to become the mainstream network standard in the future. As a major international manufacturer, NETGEAR has been known for its high-end products. For the small white I have been back. Recently, I found that the price of netware RAX10 AX1800 is very friendly. It is also a Wi-Fi 6 esports router, which completely solves the problem of instability when playing games, so I bought one without hesitation. Today, I will talk with you about the experience of this router.

Compared to the maverick Nighthawk RAX80, the RAX10 is a bit of a formality. The angular router was heavy in the hand.

Integral modelling adopted symmetrical type design, accord with engineering male consistent aesthetic. Three independent external signal amplifiers, Angle can be adjusted at will, so that the SIGNAL coverage of RAX10 is wider, wall penetration capacity is greatly improved.

In detail, the RAX10's facade is textured and technological. In front of the router is the LOGO of the network parts, highlighting the charm of the brand.

There are 5 LED indicators at the bottom, from left to right are power supply, Internet, WiFi, Ethernet and WPS, which is easy for users to know the working status of the router at any time.

Bottom besides those who prevent slip mat of 4 corners, it is dense come loose heat hole, such design can assure good ventilation. Even if used for a long time, can also maintain a lower temperature.

Looking at the back, basically all the functional ports are concentrated, from left to right are WPS, 1 WAN port, 4 GIGABit LAN ports, restart button and DC power port. These are general configurations that I won't cover here.

Netgear RAX10 Wi-Fi 6 esports router, really stableIn addition, you can also see the side is also dense cooling holes, can say that the RAX10 router is equipped with heat dissipation teeth.

After talking about the appearance of the router, let's try it out and see how it performs.

Let's start with the hardware! Broadcom BCM6755 4-core 1.5ghz processor, 512MB memory, 256MB flash memory. Dual-frequency 1.8Gbps, 5GHz band is equipped with two Qorvo QPF4506 front-end FEM chips. Thus, the RAX10 router configuration can be said to be excellent

As for the network configuration, I will not repeat it in detail here. It is relatively simple to operate. Friends can go to the application market to download the exclusive APP of netware, or use the WEB side to connect directly.

First of all, we simply tested the speed, the downlink speed is more than 271Mbps, the uplink speed is more than 29Mbps, we can basically conclude that the speed has reached the full speed.

To better test its stability, we chose to go through all the rooms.

After a simple test, it can be seen that the PERFORMANCE of the RAX10 is very good, no matter which room the signal is quite stable

In addition to the stable performance of the router itself, RAX10 also has built-in game acceleration plug-in, which supports thousands of popular online games such as PS, Xbox and Switch, and completely solves the problem of game lag and disconnection.

After a period of use, PERSONALLY feel netpiece RAX10 AX1800 router brought me a great surprise. In addition to its sleek look, the wi-fi 6 transmission protocol is supported by high-end chips, and the game is always one step ahead. Most importantly, the router's speed is stable and fast, making it easy to get a full grid of wireless signals anywhere in the home. This network, who does not like it, after all, powerful function, the price is also very affordable, interested partners might as well pay attention to the quality of the spectrum!

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