Why can industrial routers achieve always-on?

We all know that different industries have different requirements for industrial routers, but only in terms of stability, the requirements are extremely strict. After all, routers stay online for 7x24 hours, so that projects can be carried out in a safe and stable way.
So why can industrial routers achieve permanently on line? How does that work? Other products do not know, so we take ORB305 industrial 4G/5G router as an example

Why can industrial routers achieve always-on?1. The device has a built-in watchdog chip, which can be automatically recovered in case of failure.
2. Status detection mechanism of PPP data link layer, which automatically reconnects in case of disconnection.
3.ICMP heartbeat packets. If abnormal communication occurs, services are automatically restarted to ensure stable communication.
4. The router uses dual SIM card slots to support mutual backup between different carriers and ensure uninterrupted network operation
5. Support mutual backup of Wi-Fi, 4G/5G network and Ethernet port, and ensure uninterrupted network.
6. VRRP can be switched over intelligently, so that you do not need to worry about unnecessary losses caused by device failures.
7. Support engineers for remote maintenance and fault diagnosis, which can easily deal with problems even if people are not on site.
So with these features, it is very easy to realize the industrial router always online, and except for the last point requires manual intervention, the rest only needs to be equipped.

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