Silicone dolls are good and bad

​Numerous children do not understand how to distinguish between great and bad sexx doll when they buy them for the first time. ​Possibly some businesses will choose to replace the Sexx doll with a defective one, causing confusion for numerous children.

So here's how to tell the difference between good and bad physical dolls.

At present, inferior goods have appeared in the market and occupy a certain share.

This is what I, as an elderly baby owner, worry about when the next generation buys. The problems caused by fake commodities to the current parents are extremely serious.

​Current baby owners may be afraid to enter the new world a second time because of the failure of their first purchase, and the business of conscientious merchants will become increasingly difficult.

Here are some tips on how to tell a decent physical doll apart:

1. Material: The material of a decent silicone doll is extremely elastic. You will feel that the 140cm love doll in front of you is no different from real life. The doll's flesh color will look extra white, the surface is smooth, the bouncing sense is strong, the authenticity is excellent. Moreover, numerous defective dolls made of inferior materials have stronger and shorter soft skin, darker skin and slightly sticky surfaces. It doesn't feel smooth and realistic to the touch, and it doesn't look great.

2. Smell: Dolls infused with superior-quality materials typically emit a faint scent, and better ones have no, nearly no smell. However, the strong odor of defective products can even cause extreme personal discomfort and psychological nausea.

3. Functions: There is no problem with the reuse of superior quality physical dolls. Defective products may be derived from a series of safety problems. Using them a few times will cause what damage I do not understand, but life is definitely not lengthy.

The doll is truly advanced and of excellent quality. I actually prefer the ratio of real height. The size of the real chest is simply too large for one hand to grasp, and the elasticity is also extremely excellent, similar to the real one. It is not fatty or thin, it is tailored for me, the experience is the same as the real person, it is extremely fun, the doll and the real person give force, the operation is simple, the business also sends a lot of things, the doll is easy to wash, the feel is extremely real, actually like the feeling of first love, actually with a place.​
The same, the chest is extremely soft to pinch up is extremely pleasant, used numerous times, the quality is extremely excellent, •** is also silica gel, is also extremely soft, clamping vibration crisp, the first • did not adhere to three minutes on the shoot, too cool!! ​It Feel dozens of times better than the hand, all in all extremely satisfied! It's really easy to use. The quality is extremely good, satisfactory odor environmental skin! The smart function is fairly satisfactory! The chest feels like a real person, and the doll is easy to wash. The overall quality and weight are extremely excellent, the delivery is also extremely private!

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