Shower room selection and installation is very important

Now the shape of the shower room in the family is mostly symmetrical arc fan, square, diamond shape and so on, there are sliding door, folding door, rotating shaft door and so on, in the way of entry is divided into angular entry or single-side entry, the biggest characteristic of angular entry is that it can expand the use rate, can make better use of the limited bathroom area, square diagonal, arc shower, diamond shaped shower room are of this kind. Is the application of additional style, choose the shape of the shower room to refer to the size and direction of the bathroom.

Most people want to buy bulk shower steamers china, but more conservative people (like the elderly) will also accept cloth and opaque shower rooms, so it's up to the family. The main material of the shower room is tempered glass, tempered glass quality difference is large, authentic tempered glass carefully looking at the faint pattern.

Pay attention to the steam engine and computer control panel when purchasing a shower room with steam function. The core of this steam function is the steam engine, and if the steam engine is not great enough, it will not be long before it breaks down. In addition, the computer control board is the core of the shower room. Since all the function keys of the shower room are on the computer board, once the computer board is faulty, the whole shower room can not be used, therefore be sure to check the warranty time of the steam engine and computer board when buying

Industry experts advise consumers to treat discount promotions rationally and not blindly value discounts and offers. "The profit space of home building materials is relatively large, so consumers should, according to the comprehensive consideration of the quality and service of the products of the merchants, have a price positioning of the products in their hearts, try to keep the price down, but also to ensure the service content. Then shop around, comprehensive quality, service, price to consider the decision, and then enjoy cash back or free gifts to truly get a discount.​

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