How to arrange the network cable reasonably

The same operator, why other people's network no problem, the signal of your home is very poor? Before you blame the carrier, find out if you did something wrong.

One, decorate the room of network cable.

The first is to look at the position of the weak current box, now the house is generally equipped with weak current box, and the weak current box generally has a power supply, so it is recommended that we put the light cat in the weak current box (as shown below). Secondly, we should look at the house type. It is recommended to put the wireless router in the middle of the house, such as the living room, and the signal will be better.

2, the choice of wire.

There are many types and brands of network cables, here will not give you a say, say two suggestions: one is strong electricity, weak electricity can be far away from far point as far as possible; Second, choose six types of shielding lines as far as possible.

Because the space that can change when decorating is big, brush the wall to change again is not worth. So do not save hundreds of dollars when wiring, network cable to buy screen, network speed gigabit of 6 kinds of line. The following figure is linear:

3. Router selection.

How to arrange the network cable reasonably
First of all, to be clear, the home router is not a buy and never replace, just like your phone, will become obsolete, so the current recommendation is based on the current situation.

One is to buy a gigabit router. Wireless protocol to 802.11AC, router Wan, Lan port also should be gigabit. Because now the household broadband network speed is improving very fast, now 100M is popular, 200M has also been introduced, do not wait to do a 200M broadband from the operator, with a 100M router, receiving 802.11b wifi, then do not blame the operator, your fastest speed is 40M.

Second, try to network with one router. Every family can not have a network engineer, if you can use a router to solve the problem as far as possible to use a router to solve the problem, in the future, change the router on the line.

Third, do not use some indifferent functions. The most important thing about the router is that it is stable and can run normally for several years. Some programming, downloading and sharing functions that do not matter should be avoided if there is no special need.

A lot of owners say, why my home network at the beginning of the time, very fast but over a period of time, the network is very card, is not the operator's problem? Having a good Internet experience isn't just about your carrier, it largely depends on what router you have and what network cable you have at home. A few final pieces of advice.

1. Select the installation position of the integrated access box. Buried in advance are closed routes, user optical fibers (preferably 2), and network cables that need to be connected in from outside. To select network access of different communication operators.

Two, the integrated access box to each room at least one network cable, in order to access WiFi, computer, determine the installation location. Reserve at least 50 cm at both ends of each network cable as long as required.

Three, integrated access box to TV wall embedded network cable (at least 2), closed line, telephone line (can be replaced by network cable).

Purchase a router and switch. Routers can choose to support gigabit

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