Network card don't hurry for a new machine to try these adjustments

After a hard day's work, it is more comfortable to relax at home at night and use WiFi to lie on the sofa or bed and watch videos. However, the WiFi signal is not good, resulting in the network card, but people feel very upset! You want to get a new wireless router every time you get a hitch, but often when you get home, the hitch is still there.

In fact, there are three main factors that affect the quality of wireless signals in our homes. One is the transmission power of wireless routers, one is the channel of wireless signal transmission, and one is the location of wireless routers.

Adjust transmit power

First, we go to the management background of the wireless router and find the option "transmit power" in the wireless Settings. Due to the national regulation that wireless router transmit power must not exceed 100mw, many wireless routers are delivered with 50% or 75% of the specified transmit power by default. We can manually adjust it to 100%, boosting the wireless signal strength. In addition, you can also change the wireless signal to "through-the-wall mode" in the options or your wireless router's mobile app, which has the same effect as adjusting the transmit power, but in a different word.

Select a smooth wireless channel

Having adjusted the transmit power, next we improve the wireless signal quality by modifying the wireless channel. Today, every home has a wireless router, wireless channels are easy to overlap, resulting in poor wireless network quality. WirelessMon, an app for a wireless card, or a mobile app for a wireless router, allows us to scan the surrounding wireless channels. After obtaining the scan results, we can select a relatively idle channel to use in the router's "Wireless Settings", thereby increasing the wireless signal strength and eliminating congestion.

It is not advisable to put it in a weak current box

The last thing we'll talk about is the placement of wireless routers. Placing a wireless router in the center of your home is undoubtedly the best choice. Since most current home wireless routers have an antenna gain of 5dBi, placing the wireless router in the center of the home will allow users to experience the best wireless network in every room. But that's the ideal. A LOT OF DEVELOPERS ARE IN WHEN DESIGNING BEDROOM PATTERN, WAITED FOR THE NETWORK CABLE TO STAY IN PORCH PLACE, THEN THE USER PLACES WIRELESS ROUTER IN WEAK CURRENT BOX, CAUSE THE SITUATION WITH POOR WIRELESS SIGNAL.

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