Pepperl - FUchs Sensor (Germany)

Germany PEPPERL - FUchs is the inventor of induction technology, is the world's internal security, explosion-proof technology leader, is the world's automation industry with a long reputation of professional sensor company. Pepperl + FUchs is headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, with branches across six continents. Pepperl + Fuchs (P+ F) is a world-renowned professional sensor company in the global automation industry. Pepperl + Fuchs, as a global leader in the production of electronic sensors and components in the field of automation, has ensured its brilliant achievements for more than 60 years by virtue of quality assurance.

The German company Pepperl+Fuchs (P+ F) was founded in 1945 in a radio repair shop. In 1958, PEPPERL + FUfu invented the world's first proximity switch and the first inbuilt isolation safety gate, bringing a brand new revolution to the field of factory automation and industrial explosion-proof applications. Pepperl + FUchs Sensor is a well-known and internationally recognized brand. Pepperl + Fuchs has advanced technology, high-quality service, a diligent sales and technical team.

Pepperl + FUCHS is the world's largest and most EXPERIENCED manufacturer of intrinsically safe interfaces. The safety fence is the core product of PEPPERL+FUCHS. The variety of rich, the ability to deal with special application problems has been in the world's leading position. Its products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, natural gas, medicine and other industrial fields where inflammable and explosive dangerous places exist. Pepperl + FUCHS offers a full range of safety gate products to protect electrical signals in hazardous areas.

Outstanding features: Germany Multiplier plus Fufu has about 60 years of sensor production and development experience. Its outstanding features: fast response, micro structure, with a variety of installation methods, good stability, high accuracy, strong interference, detection range and other characteristics.

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