Router maintenance skills

1. Add a timing socket to the power supply of the router. In this way, the router can be turned off and on periodically, which can prolong the service life of routing products. We would think that the router would operate at a low voltage and not generate high heat. In fact, you are completely wrong. When the router is working for a long time, the chip can emit high heat. Long-term continuous electrical processing, the probability of failure will increase. For example, some high-end routers are designed with cooling fans and independent cooling modules inside. On the software side, there is the function of turning off the router at regular intervals. Therefore, we need to restart the router periodically.

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2, pay attention to heat dissipation in summer. It was already very hot, plus the heat from the equipment itself. If you do not process, it is easy to failure, if it is better in the air conditioning environment. Therefore, we need to install simple heat dissipation equipment on the router, for example, add a small heat dissipation fan or install the router in an open and ventilated place instead of a narrow space, which is not conducive to heat dissipation of the router itself. To deal with the impact of humidity on the router, you can also buy suction bags or desiccant near the router. Note that router products also need to be dusted. Keep circuit board clean and dust-free.

3. Clean up dust. As you can imagine, is 365 day after day for a basic work of electrical equipment, its internal as well as some ventilation holes tend to pile up a lot of dust, dust with electrical equipment with invisible killer, according to a large amount of dust accumulation can block the router cooling hole, can lead to poor heat dissipation, long time will produce the phenomenon such as crashing, wireless network is not stable. Therefore, it is generally recommended that you clean up the dust on the wireless router before summer every year. If the device is still in the warranty period, you can use a hair dryer to simply clean up some heat dissipation holes on the router. If your router is out of warranty, take it apart and clean it up.

How to maintain wireless router maintenance skills

The router is disabled for a long time

1. Overheating. As long as there is power consumption, heat will be generated. When the internal heat accumulates to a certain extent, especially in high temperature environment in summer, the router is prone to overheating, which may affect the running speed of the router, reduce the network speed, and further reduce the service life of the router.

2, slow network speed. As the intermediate node of network data link transmission, the router has its own data cache area (similar to computer memory). Working for a long time will make the occupying rate of the cache area become higher and higher, which will also affect the data transmission speed of the router to a certain extent. This means that even when no one is surfing the Internet, it can be very slow and sluggish.

3. Accelerate aging of equipment. Leaving the router on all the time will keep it working 24 hours a day, and the heat will accelerate the aging of the components, causing severe wear and tear on the parts, thus shortening the service life of the router. This is actually almost all electrical equipment common fault.

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