What is a Fibre Optic router

The stability of optical fiber network is much higher than that of network cable, and the continuous transmission distance is longer, and the line loss in the transmission process is less than 5%. And the line loss of network cable, even in the wire of the best quality, can achieve 70~85% is top grade. On the basis of the router, a fiber optic transceiver unit (fiber optic modem) was added. Generally speaking, it is to combine the function of "light cat" with the function of wireless router.

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The external network ports of common routers still use twisted pair cables as transmission media. However, the external network ports of optical routers use optical fibers, which results in different external network ports. The external network ports of optical routers are optical ports, while common routers use electrical ports (RJ45 ports).

Fiber Optic router This device is used to parse optical signals in incoming optical fibers. Common router, out of the network cable for the telecommunications number, which is the biggest difference between the two.

What is a Fibre Channel Router? How to Configure a Fibre Channel Router

How to Configure a Fibre Channel Router

1, first open the computer, then open any web page, and then enter your router's login iP address in the browser's URL. For example, first enter in the browser address bar and then press Enter to pop up the following user login dialog box. Enter the default user name and password of the router, and then click "OK" at the bottom to enter the built-in setting interface of the wireless router.

2. After entering the router setting interface, we first click the "Setting Wizard" in the left navigation.

3. After clicking "Setup Wizard", a prompt interface will pop up. We can directly click Next.

4, then we will see the required us to choose "way", we are all businessmen often provide our Internet accounts and passwords, so usually choose the second PPOE virtual dial-up Internet access, as shown in the figure below, if you are unsure, consult the networks or select "let the router automatically choose the way to the Internet", is completed, click next, Continue operation.

5. Next, we will see that we are required to input our online account and password. This is the online account and password provided by the network provider.

To enable the router to dial automatically, we also need to integrate the ADSL account into the router. Click on the "Home" TAB at the top and then click on the "WAN" for the change. When you see the location of the ADSL account at PPPoverEthernet, enter your ADSL account and password and save the Settings. Now go to the "System Information" section of the "System Status" TAB to check the network status. The network information obtained by THE ADSL dial-up can be clearly seen at the WAN end.

After setting up the ADSL account, we can access the Internet through the broadband router, but in order to better management and improve security, we also need to perform the following operations: Click the "Home" TAB and select "DHCP" on the left to set the IP address range in the IP address range accessible to the DHCP server. After saving the Settings, the FIBRE Channel router automatically allocates IP addresses.

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