A wired connection between a desktop computer and a wireless router

The key to a wireless router is to take advantage of its wireless capabilities, but since desktop computers don't have a wireless network card, we usually use a wired connection to connect the two.

A router has five or six LAN interfaces that are key to connecting your computer to your wireless router. We use a cable with a moderate length of 1-2 meters to connect one end of the crystal connector to the computer, and the other end of the crystal connector to a LAN interface of the router, so that the connection between the wired desktop computer and the wireless router can be done.


Wireless connection between desktop computer and wireless router

Although wired connection is simple, but due to the length of the line or space problems, router interface problems will cause a certain amount of trouble, the critical moment of wireless connection ah ~

The desktop doesn't have its own wireless card, but as long as we have one for it, the wireless connection between the desktop and the router is no longer a problem. There are two kinds of wireless network cards suitable for desktop computers, PCI interface type and USB interface type. PCI interface of this kind of wireless network card although the price is slightly higher, more difficult to install, but it has a very good stability, can once and for all. By contrast, usB-connected wireless cards are lightweight and affordable but have unreliable networks, making them especially prone to dropping calls when the signal is bad. Even so, in our daily life, we mostly use USB wireless network cards.


After you buy a USB wireless card, you will see a CD in the package and instructions for installation and use. CD is used to install the driver, open the manual, follow the installation steps, insert the USB wireless network card into the USB interface of the computer, and then start the installation of the driver.

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