Wideband cat is what wideband cat indicator light and their meaning in detail

A, broadband cat is what? How to use the basics of broadband cat

A modem (commonly known as a cat) is a network device used to convert digital signals.

1, the Modem

1) Use ordinary modem Internet access, the speed can reach 56K, and broadband ADSL can reach 1M and 2M above;

2) The shape of the wideband cat is like a flat box with an indicator light in the front and a connection jack in the back;

3) wiring jack includes: a round Power jack (marked with Power), a network cable crystal jack (marked with Ethernet), a telephone jack (marked with ADSL);

4) The front indicator light corresponds to the connection status of power supply, external telephone line ADSL and internal network card LAN respectively. When the indicator light blinks, it means that data is being transmitted.

2. Basic maintenance

1) All wires should be correctly connected and placed in a safe and stable position to avoid dampness;

2) Pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation, clean up dust, and avoid debris falling into the heat dissipation hole;

3) The cat uses a regulated power supply, which requires a two-item socket, and the regulated power supply will occupy a certain amount of space;

Two, broadband cat indicator light what and their meaning of detailed explanation

Now many families are still using the cat dial Internet, although the cat is rarely bad, but also easy to a variety of network problems, we can judge the cat above the indicator to roughly the problem, the following look at the meaning of the cat indicator and FAQs.

Meaning of cat indicator light and FAQs

Description of ADSL cat indicators

ADSL cat indicator light is an important tool for judging ADSL faults. The number of indicators varies from brand to model. But all have Link lights, LAN lights and Power lights.

Description of Link indicator status

Link indicator indicates the connection between the cat and the local DSLAM device. Usually, the Link indicator flashes rhythmically, indicating that the ADSL data Link is trying to synchronize, but the Link is not connected. In normal cases, there is a one-minute synchronization process after the ADSL cat is powered on. After the synchronization is successful, the Link light is steady on. The Link light of some brands of cats also acts as a data sending and receiving indicator and will flash with data transmission. After the Internet, if there is Link light flashing rhythmically, it indicates that ADSL is not synchronized, then the network is interrupted, in most cases, there is a line fault. If the normal situation can be tested through the card under their broadband Internet speed.

Description of LAN indicator status

The LAN indicator is used to connect a cat to a computer or LOCAL area network (LAN) device. When the computer or LAN device is powered on and properly connected, the LAN indicator is steady on. The LAN indicator of some brands of cats also functions as a data sending and receiving indicator for the network port of the cat and blinks with data transmission. The methods for identifying LAN indicators vary with cat brands. The huawei cat is a LAN, the Tiani cat is a LAN, the UT-Starcom is a PC, the D-Link is an Ethernet, and the Alcatel is a one-in, four-out symbol. After the computer or network device is powered on, the indicator is on. If it is off, the network cable is not properly inserted or broken.

Indicates the status of the data transmission indicator

The TX indicator is for sending data, and the RX indicator is for receiving data. During normal communication, both indicators flash along with data transmission. The methods used to label Data transmission indicators vary with cat models. Some indicators are labeled as Data, and some are multiplexed with Link or LAN indicators. Alcatel cat does not have this indicator light. When browsing the Internet, if the data indicator does not flash and the network is unavailable, it may be that the Adsl cat is dead or faulty. You can try to turn off the power switch and turn it on again after 10 seconds.

Broadband ADSL cat Link light is not bright what is the reason

Solution 1: The Link light is a synchronous light, which indicates the line connection. The Link light will soon turn on after being turned on. If the Link light keeps flashing, it indicates that the line signal is not good or the line has a problem. Check whether the junction box or crystal head is in good condition; Whether ADSL side has wireless communication equipment (such as mobile phone); If the telephone line is damaged, please ask the line maintenance personnel to check whether the outdoor line is faulty. In the case that the line is no problem, the Link light cannot be long on, it may be that ADSL is incompatible with the central switch of the service supplier, it is recommended to replace different models or different brands of ADSL.

Solution 2: Is the separator interface correct

Wideband cat is what wideband cat indicator light and their meaning in detail

If the separator interface is incorrect, the LINK indicator of ADSL may not be on.

Solution three: as long as the LINK light flickers or simply does not light, it means that the signal can not reach your home. It could be a line or a port in the machine room or your cat. The probability that oneself solves is not big, suggest report repair.

Broadband ADSL cat Data light is not bright what is the reason

Answer 1: Is the POWER light on? LINK lamp is line lamp, this lamp should be long bright to normal Internet access. DATA light is the DATA light, generally is flashing, when receiving a large amount of DATA transmission (such as Thunder download movie), it will also light up. The ACT indicator is used to connect to a network adapter.

Look at this hot summer, the temperature is very high, don’t you feel hot? The same goes for devices (cats, routers, network switches, Hubble, computers, etc.) that feel hot and don’t work. You may wish to refer to the following methods, using the measures you feel acceptable, reduce the temperature of the equipment working environment.

A: For users who regularly surf the Internet for at most half a year, they should open the outer shell of the device after power failure and clean the dust inside the device

B: Place the equipment in a safer place for people, open the box cover of the equipment, use air convection to strengthen the contact surface with air, and carry out natural heat dissipation;

C: Add micro fans to the equipment to increase the convection of air for forced heat dissipation;

D: If you are in the IT business, I suggest you: after switching off the power, add heat sink to the heating parts of the equipment.

E: After the equipment is disconnected from the power supply, drill many holes above and below the equipment with a 3mm drill bit to strengthen the air flow and improve the heat dissipation condition;

F: The equipment for ventilation and drying place, it is best to make an insulation bracket, the equipment up, natural heat dissipation;

G: Clean up the garbage debris generated by the Internet in time and run disk C regularly to improve the running speed.

H: Let the ADSL cat sync first: restart the cat after power off.

I: Turn off all unnecessary Internet connections, such as Thunderbolt BT Donkey, etc

J: Optimizing the network personal recommendation to use some small tools such as super rabbit as long as you do a good job in the above aspects, your faults will be eliminated.

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