One, weak current box put router or switch

The optical fiber broadband access to the home is basically uniformly configured with weak current box, for the convenience of unified wiring management and the overall line aesthetics, but the router is not recommended to be placed in the weak current box.

When the router is placed in the weak current box, the wireless signal needs to pass through many obstacles, which makes the wireless signal attenuation faster and reduces the coverage of the wireless. The space of weak current box itself is narrow, which is not conducive to the expansion of the antenna of the router. Meanwhile, the weak current box is made of metal, which will shield the WIFI signal of the wireless router, resulting in poor signal quality. The router works 24 hours a day, while the weak current box is closed and the air is not circulating, which is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the router.

Based on the above factors, it is not recommended to put the router in the weak current box. The best position of the router is in the middle of the family living room, so that the wireless terminal equipment will pass through the minimum wall when receiving signals at various locations, and the WiFi signal quality will be the best. The switch can be placed in a weak current box considering the beauty of wiring.

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Weak current box put router or switch weak current box router how to put

2. How to place the weak current box router

The location of the home broadband router depends on the size of the room. For general small and medium-sized houses, it is recommended to use multiple wireless routers or power cats to solve the coverage, and it is recommended to place them outside the weak current box; For general large houses, it is recommended to use a router with AC management function and place it in a weak current box.

1. Networking suggestions for small and medium sized houses

There are generally three layout schemes for small and medium-sized wireless routers:

(1) The house type is small, so a wireless router can meet the wireless coverage requirements of the whole room. It is recommended to place the router in the living room in the middle of the room for network TV access, and it can be placed near the TV.

(2) The size of the house is too large for a wireless router to cover. Wireless routers can be placed in each room, and access can be realized through comprehensive wiring from weak current box to each room.

(3) Network expansion can also be realized by means of power cat, and transmission can be carried out through power cables. The power cat must be used in pairs, with the upper end connected to a router and the lower end connected to a terminal device either wirelessly or wirelessly.

2. Suggestions for large house networking

Due to the large size of the apartment, the simple superposition of wireless router or power modem equipment will make the network complex, which is not conducive to unified management. A router with AC management function can be placed in the weak current box. Wireless AP panels are installed in each room. AP panels are managed through routers, divided into channels, and powered by network cables. This method can avoid wireless channel conflicts and realize automatic roaming of mobile terminals.

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