The most basic common sense of network cable, how much do you know?

Although live streaming with goods has become the mainstream, the consumption way of "fast food and drink" is easier to be accepted by the market, but xiaobian thinks that the best thing is always only you to dig, your own understanding is the real purchase of things! However, many shoppers will live with goods to buy products when the network sometimes not to force, sometimes their network is clearly gigabit broadband, why the speed of the network will be so slow? What's the reason?

Part of the reason may be that the overall planning of the network is not in place, or it may be that the choice of products in one link, such as routers, is not correct. Or return to the topic about introducing the network cable, so how to judge the network cable is a few categories? How do I select the matching type of the network cable?

The most basic common sense of network cable, how much do you know?

In fact, we get the normal network cable, in the network cable is marked on the skin, there are clear parameters and meters. For example, the category 5 network cable is CAT.5E, Category 6 network cable is CAT6, Category 6 network cable is CAT.6a, Category 7 network cable is CAT.7, and Category 8 network cable is CAT.8. The other logo on the network cable is the brand name Enmane; The type of the network cable is CAT. 6a, and the shielding types of the network cable are UTP, FTP, and SFTP. AWG represents the cable gauge. The value in front of AWG (such as 24AWG and 26AWG) indicates the number of holes the wire must pass through before forming the final diameter. The larger the value is, the higher the level of holes the wire passes through and the smaller the diameter of the wire. TIA/EIA 568B: The network crystal connector is T568B.

Get the network cable, see the above data, it should be very easy to judge the specific type of network cable, and then according to the type and broadband is very easy to match. In general, 100 mbit/s broadband with 100 MBIT/s network cable, 1000 MBIT/s broadband with 1000 MBIT/s network cable, 10 mbit/s broadband with 1000 MBIT/s network cable, of course, can be compatible with the network cable downward, but note that can not be compatible up.

At present, as long as there is electricity, are in need of network cables. The network line has been integrated into all walks of life, the use is more and more frequent. At this time there will be a variety of jerry-built products on the market. Be careful when shopping.

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