Broadband installation of those cold knowledge

Nowadays, the installation of broadband is basically every household will choose. It used to be dial-up, but that's gone. Because broadband is much faster than dial-up. So, in the process of installing broadband, you need to pay attention to a few details, a few links had better understand in advance. To give you a better understanding of these issues, we have summarized these "cold knowledge" as follows.

1. When installing broadband, what should be prepared in advance?
Work is about good its thing must benefit its implement first, want to let broadband use rise more conveniently, the job that you must want to accomplish to do ahead of schedule is indoor network wiring. In order to reduce line loss and adapt to GIGABit broadband, it is recommended that you use class 6 network cables or more than class 5 network cables. Of course, if your home is a villa, suggest you find a professional network cabling personnel, tell them your needs, save their "burning brain" pain.

2. What "equipment" do YOU need to buy in advance?
Today, most areas are fibre-optic, so you just need to buy a router in advance. When buying a router, be sure to buy a gigabit router if you are more demanding, which means your router's wired and wireless output can meet gigabit requirements. There are some routers that claim to be "gigabit routers" but are actually single gigabit, wireless or wired outputs that cannot match gigabit broadband. So, when buying a router, be sure to keep your eyes open. It won't cost you much.

3. Where do you buy naked cats? IPTV set-top box where to buy?
For broadband installation, the optical cat and IPTV are generally obtained from the operator's business hall. For some broadband rates, may be complimentary light cats and set-top boxes; Some may be in the way of user pay deposit, rent light cat and set-top box (in the disassembly of the time, the equipment returned to the business hall after the deposit); Some users may pay for the devices themselves.

So, can users buy these devices from outside? Can, you can go to business hall to consult, look at what to buy brand, what type of cat and set-top boxes, light and then buy their own, with the two devices to business hall to handle business, because when the clerk to handle business, need light cat's MAC address and SN code of IPTV set-top box, to facilitate data room configuration data. Some people may feel that the Internet speed of some light cats is very slow, so they can consider buying other brands of light cats, such as Huawei.
However, it is still recommended to obtain these equipment directly from the business hall, so that in the late equipment problems, maintenance and replacement of the time is more convenient.

Broadband installation of those cold knowledge4. Why does the installation master leave for a while when installing broadband?
I believe a lot of people will notice, in the installation of broadband, installation master go out to walk, why to go? Smoking? Dawdling? No, the installation master out of this trip is really crucial, if he does not go out, that the installation master is a little irresponsible. In the middle of the way, the installation master will be in the indoor optical fiber with laser irradiation, and then go to the optical splitter in the corridor, see if there is light injection at the other end of the optical fiber, if there is light injection and does not diverge, it shows that the optical fiber is smooth, can continue the next operation, such as connection.

5. Single broadband or converged broadband?
One sentence: "Will broadband be bundled with mobile phone numbers?"

6. Must we adhere to the principle of "North Unicom, South Telecom"?
About "north unicom, South telecom" there really is a "allusion" in it. In that year, China Telecom was split up and fixed network resources and business of 10 northern provinces were divided into China Netcom (later merged with China Unicom and changed into China Unicom). The fixed network resources and services of 24 provinces in the south and west will be assigned to China Telecom. The two then run their own turf. Of course, in the same period there are the Great Wall, Gehua and some other broadband brands, in the beginning, from broadband quality respect will tell, or unicom and telecommunications broadband quality to a few better, so there is "north Unicom, south telecom".

In the later period, the broadband market was liberalized, and China Unicom could operate in the south and China Telecom could operate in the north. In the later period, mobile and radio and television also obtained broadband operation licenses. Consumers had more and more choices, and the saying of "China Unicom in the North and China Telecom in the South" became history. Of course, from the quality of broadband, unicom and telecom broadband to better, if you have a shop, play online games, as far as possible or choose these two. Mobile and broadcast broadband, in terms of daily use, will definitely meet your needs, and more importantly, the latter two broadband prices are very cheap.

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