Edge do, the most appropriate farewell: broken

We always say: the fate between people is wonderful, some people meet because of fate, some people because of the fate of all and separate.

We pray that fate WILL let us meet the right person, but the fate of the world is always fond of teasing people.

Some people who leave will not meet again, some people will meet after leaving, because the fate between people is always doomed.

As they say in the TV show: We met by chance.

Most of the time, people are stubborn, think that two people can always break the mirror, can break the mirror even if there is still a rift, so it is better to learn to let go, and on the other side of the connection, think this is the most appropriate 39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai.

Everyone we meet has a lot to teach us and places we’ve never seen before.

But the bus to the station, even if you do not give up, always want to get off, your forced retention will only let each other increase trouble.

​Clearly, knowing two people is already impossible, but we still want to retain each other on their side, but how can the other side stay?

Your relationship is a far cry from what it once was, and forcing each other around is just a repeat.

Since there is no fate between you, it is better to choose to give up happily, which is also responsible for a relationship.

6e847d6fb4e86edab07fd28b896f4095Disconnection, in fact, is a very gentle way.

By quietly withdrawing from each other’s world and leaving each other’s lives alone, you can start a new life together without any lingering feelings.

Many people in their lives say goodbye to each other, and they choose to make a big show, quarrel, blame and abuse, so that this already cracked relationship is even more broken.

Perhaps because one of the parties still misses each other, they do not want to lose each other, so they become less and less like themselves.

It is as if a person’s sense of collapse when he or she loses something precious makes him or her react in an extreme way.

This time must calm down, leave some dignity to yourself, try to draw a peaceful end to this relationship.

Recently I saw a netizen say a paragraph: “blame the original with love is too deep, unrequited love, she said we are two worlds of people completely destroyed my life. Later I broke off with her, let myself sober, the rest of my life only for their own, not worthy of love.”

In short, it can be seen that the netizen has experienced sad feelings, but as he said, the feelings of people who are not worth it are not worth it.

The one who loves you will not lose you. The one who loses you must not love you.

You can get stuck in an old love when you don’t see the future, but when you find the right person, you realize that the past is just so you can learn how to love someone who loves you.

The world is a big place, and disconnection is the best touchstone of emotion.

The fate of the people broken will still meet, no fate of the people as to break the connection for farewell, quietly enjoy their own life.

In this world, people who love you will understand your grievances, people who do not love you even if you cry, they will only feel bored.

Heard a paragraph: “with gentle people together, that is called health; ​with interesting people together, that is called heart; ​with learned people together, that is to raise the mind; ​with people who don’t deserve it, that’s called chronic suicide.”

In this world, we are all independent individuals, no one can live without who, we should know that life is always their own.

Feelings are no way to play dumb, do not love and love everyone knows.

Some people choose to endure for the sake of their children and family, but slowly they will gradually lose their self-worth, trapped in the emotional cage.

We are all adults, should learn to let go, to know how to pick up and put down, because only a clean life can let you always face the sun.

Be thankful that you can leave a bad relationship, and be thankful that you have the right to disconnect.

The world does not come to an end, time will dilute all the pain, may all people out of the haze, to have a new life.

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