16 years as an office furniture guy

When it comes to furniture, what comes to mind first?

Ikea’s Nordic wind, Lin’s wood industry’s Tmall explosion, the major furniture decoration city.

When it comes to office furniture, what comes to mind?

A long string of blanks.

If we buy a mobile phone, we can go to Taobao, Tmall, JINGdong, Suning and place an order with one click. If we order furniture for an office space, what can we do?

Of course, these gaps are not targeted at large central and state-owned enterprises, which have skilled bidding processes and abundant personnel to contact.

Just a start-up company, need the necessary functional division, need a certain quality of furniture, need to design, need to purchase, need to install, need fast!

Finally, he can only run building materials market, ask designers, find dealers, and finally choose small workshops. The price is a little lower, but the quality? After sales?

So the problem is, with the Internet and mobile terminals so developed today, it should be OK in theory to make buying office furniture as easy as buying a color TV phone.

If you could make buying office furniture as easy as buying a cell phone.

— The birth of furniture suppliers

1.0 Office furniture still lacks a channel revolution

After 2005, the Internet spread in all walks of life, but the fire in the office furniture industry has not been ignited. Because it is not a high-frequency product, and the volume is not small, it seems to be shrouded in a layer of diaphragm, the people outside can not see, the people inside can not go out.

Jiang Hao

Senior Engineer

Participated in a number of procurement projects accumulated more than 1 billion yuan

Since 2004, I have been in charge of office procurement projects of financial systems such as Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, China Citic Bank, China Minsheng Bank and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.

Jiang Hao is a member of this fog. He joined the bank in 2002 and has served various major banking system service providers for 16 years. He has been engaged in sales and management of system furniture engineering with a total amount of more than 1.5 billion yuan.

From space design to product standardization, quality and environmental protection, to construction and installation, and finally after sales, must be responsible for by experienced personnel. General small workshops can not do, and the strength of the traditional office furniture leading enterprises with quality assurance channel is still in the offline system of big customers.

If you want to be rich, build roads.

It has become a revolution in the office furniture industry to open high-quality products with quality assurance to small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups through the layout of offline experience stores and online sales platforms.

2.0 with the help of Internet +, the price is lower

In the era of “mass innovation, mass entrepreneurship”, Small and medium-sized private enterprises in China have mushroomed, growing in every corner of the park, waiting to be fed, and may be giants one day. Startups need custom furniture, but when it comes to startups, we all know that a good startup can survive the current economic winter, execute, be efficient, save, put its money where its head is… It’s all their labels.

The traditional furniture procurement mode requires bidding first, that is to say, whether it is money or time, it costs a lot for start-up companies or small and medium-sized enterprises. As a result, some founders have resorted to small workshops or wholesale some tables and chairs on Alibaba.

Standardization means tedious waiting, and small workshops mean that quality and after-sales service cannot be guaranteed.

Is it possible to find a balance between quality and time? With the pragmatism of traditional industry, qimaimai team always thinks that the cost can be lower and the price will be lower.

And factory price, first to have an order.

Maybe using the Internet + vertical platform to gather small and medium-sized enterprises will give us a chance to lower the price.

First, the price can be a little lower, while the service can be improved a little.

Two, the construction period can be shorter, but the quality must be guaranteed.

16 years as an office furniture guy

Third, the product cost performance can be a little higher, after-sales also have to be timely.

Finally, qimaimai’s positioning is to integrate all our experience and resources in this industry, so that customers can only spend the money of low-end brand furniture to gain a full set of customized space for big-brand furniture, while ensuring the 15-day construction period and first-class quality, and providing logistics, installation, after-sales and other technical support.

Therefore, Qimaimai came up with its four service projects: customized design (presented with VR images), cost-effective brand products, professional installation, and timely after-sales service.

And the cost we cut down to the price of furniture only.

This “one-stop” Internet office furniture platform will provide the best office space solutions for small and medium-sized private enterprises.

3.0 Use our experience to bring more added value to industry personnel

Up to now, the qimaimai team has served industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Minsheng Bank, China Merchants Bank, Bank of Communications, Jiangsu Electric Power Company and other industry giants…… How to add the furniture experience of these system customers to private enterprises is the urgent need.

In addition to helping small and medium-sized enterprises save financial and time costs, Qimaimai will also provide a mature, guaranteed and mutually beneficial platform for sales staff and designers in the office furniture industry.

In China, catch a few, no small business.

To quote Liu Qiangdong’s strategic statement on JD last year:

We live in a time of change. The essence of the fourth retail revolution is unbounded retail. The ultimate goal is to reconstruct the cost, efficiency and experience of retail on the basis of “knowing people, goods and fields”. Grasping the essence of “invariability” and actively “seeking change” in the methodology of strategy and organization is the only way for us to coexist and play together with this era.

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