Large pipe CNC cutting band saw machine, real cutting iron like mud!

In the process of saw industry mechanical processing, plate cutting commonly used ways are manual cutting, semi-automatic cutting machine cutting and CNC cutting machine cutting. Manual cutting is flexible and convenient, but the quality of manual cutting is poor, the size error is large, the material waste is large, the follow-up processing workload is large, and the working conditions are poor, the production efficiency is low. Semi-automatic cutting machine copy cutting machine, cutting the quality of the workpiece is better, because of its use of cutting die, is not suitable for single, small batch and large parts of the cutting. Other types of semi-automatic cutting machine although reduce the labor intensity of workers, but its function is simple, only suitable for some more regular shape parts cutting. Numerical control cutting relative to manual and semi-automatic cutting, can effectively improve the efficiency of plate cutting, cutting quality, reduce the operator's labor intensity. In some small and medium-sized enterprises in China and even in some large enterprises using manual cutting and semi-automatic cutting is still more common.

Large pipe CNC cutting band saw machine, real cutting iron like mud!

China's machinery industry steel use has reached more than 300 million tons, steel cutting volume is very large; With the development of modern machinery industry, the work efficiency and product quality of plate cutting processing requirements are also improved. Therefore, CNC cutting machine market potential is still very large, market prospects are more optimistic.

CNC band sawing machine for pipe cutting

Numerical control cutting machine band sawing machine is an ideal processing equipment for large quantities of industrial prefabrication of process pipeline in petrochemical construction, shipbuilding, Marine engineering and other industries. NAEC AOte CNC cutting machine band sawing machine adopts double column structure to ensure the stability and reliability of the machine tool. Advanced hydraulic control system is adopted to ensure the smooth and effective sawing. PLC control is used to control the electrical system of the machine tool, so that the performance of the machine tool is fully guaranteed.

Working principle of CNC band sawing machine for pipeline cutting

The moving mechanism of the fixed-length trolley is driven by servo motor to calculate the length accurately and realize automatic length fixing by PLC control system. When the pipe is close to the swing arm of the fixed-length trolley, it will automatically sense and decelerate, and stop when the pipe encounters the signal switch on the swing arm to complete the fixed-length task. Clamp the pipe, saw frame down to the appropriate height to begin cutting. The whole process avoids large impact and fixed length error.

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