Hardware knowledge of hardware products purchase skills

Hardware products are a kind of hardware accessories, referring to copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and other metals through stamping, deep drawing, cold forging and other ways of processing made of small items, such as Maddingding hardware accessories rivets, cable rings, shrapnel, base, etc., are non-final consumer goods. As it is only a small accessory in the form of auxiliary, the single price is generally not too high.

Hardware products can be divided into luggage hardware, clothing hardware, jewelry hardware, cabinet hardware, tool hardware, Marine hardware, etc., widely used and flexible, whether it is often in contact with the industry or such as medical equipment and other special industries, there are China metal stamping products figures.

No matter YOU REGARD THE DIRECT BUYER OF hardware products OR indirect buyer, UNDERSTAND ITS CHARACTERISTIC AND PURCHASE knowledge ARE particularly important. The following Xiaobian will introduce the relevant purchase knowledge of hardware products.

1. Brand reputation

​The Hardware products industry market is mixed, there are conscientious business excellence, there are shoddy positioning low business. ​The hardware products market has not developed mature, unlike other large hardware tools, mechanical equipment and other industries. Brand ranking and credibility in the absence of supervision and public opinion platform, it is difficult to judge how the hardware accessories brand is. ​hope that one day, this industry can also have a well-known brand, become the industry vane and quality assurance.

d9bd85f453d6dd25c1dbbea2886d45162. Factory strength

Hardware products industry threshold is low, easy to "into" not "fine", many enterprises have low technical level, lack of advanced equipment and other problems. The purchase of hardware products should be aware of the strength of the factory, as far as possible to choose a regular factory, advanced equipment, many years of production experience. A site visit can be made before a major purchase.

3. Product quality

Hardware product quality is mainly reflected in raw materials, finished appearance, performance.

There are also differences in purity between similar metal raw materials. The composition of high quality metal is of high purity, in line with RoHS, GB/T, ASTM, JIS and other standards, does not contain mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl and polybrominated diphenyl ethers 5 harmful substances, lead content is not more than 0.1%, hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance is strong. ​can ensure that the product service life is long, environmental protection and safe.

The appearance of high quality hardware products should be:

1. Smooth and smooth, uniform thickness;

2. Natural bending Angle and round radian;

3. After electroplating, oxidation and other processes, the effect should be uniform;

4. No cracks, notches and burrs on the surface;

5. Both inside and outside, there is no bulge or depression outside the design.

Performance requirements vary according to the product. Such as: shrapnel should be good conductivity, high safety; ​the base material should be food grade safety material, in case of fire in high temperature does not produce harmful chemicals; The dimensions of buttonhole, cable ring and gasket fit, and the riveting rate is high; ​the hole cover size is accurate, will not cause damage to the inside of the hole.

In addition, if the large-scale procurement, but also to the manufacturer's business history, market share and service network to conduct a multi-dimensional investigation, in order to find long-term cooperation with businesses.

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