Common problems and solutions in sheet metal bending process

First, concave parts at the bottom of the uneven.

Possible reasons: the sheet is not smooth; ​concave mold is not installed inside the top material device; ​the contact area of the plate and roof is too little or insufficient. Solution: leveling the plate; ​install the charging device and adjust the charging strength; ​add integer process.

2. The width direction of the Sheet Metal Bending plate is changed, showing an arc or a bow angle.

The possible reasons are as follows: the width direction of the plate is different in the stretching process and the size of the shrinkage, and the change of radian and rotation angle occurs. Solution: increase the pressure of bending equipment on the plate; ​add correction process; ​notice in advance that the grain of the plate is consistent with the direction of bending.

0b2cfd7f95a32b9992bad9f364cdb3b8Three. Cracking occurs at the bending part.

Possible causes: plate grain direction and bending direction do not intersect; ​the bending radius is small; ​burr side facing outward; ​the plasticity that chooses plank is too bad. Solution: adjust the arrangement of cutting material; ​increase the bending radius of the die; ​change the burr position on the plate inside the rounded corner; ​use plastic material or use an annealing process.

Four, bending leads to deformation of the hole.

Solution: enhance the pressure of the top plate; ​use type bending; ​plaid is added to the surface of the plate to increase the friction of the plate surface to prevent the displacement of the plate in the bending process.

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