Network equipment hardware module details

I. Networking of network devices

This is a simple network topology. Through the network topology, we can know layer-2 forwarding and Layer-3 forwarding.

Network devices are mainly composed of switches, routers, and firewalls. How to implement packet forwarding and different connections inside switches

Forwarding between interfaces.

Second, understand the box device hardware module in the network engineering project

1. Overall topology

For example, enclosure device 7706 is fully configured with board cards

Network equipment hardware module details

2. Main control board

You can see that there are two main control boards: one is the main control board and the other is the main control board

Network equipment hardware module details

The main control board is responsible for the entire system control plane. The control plane can be understood as the generation of routing table entries, such as the formation of OSPF routing table, and the management plane. The control plane performs protocol processing, service processing, route calculation, and forwarding control of the system. The management plane can be used to monitor device running status and upgrade the log and alarm system.

3. Interface board

The interface board provides different types of electrical and optical interfaces with different rates, including GIGABit, gigabit, electrical and optical interfaces. (The electrical port is connected to an RJ45 network cable, and the optical port is connected to an optical fiber)

The device can be hot-swappable, but do not affect services. It can be hot-swappable when the device is empty. After services are online, ensure that cable and optical fiber connections are stable and do not affect services.

The interface board forwards data on the data plane

Network equipment hardware module details

4. Switch sFU

The switching network provides the data plane of the entire system. The interface board and the main control board communicate with each other through the switching network board.

In other words, the communication between different lpus needs to be realized by switching sFU

Logical architecture of network devices

Logical architecture planes: data plane, control plane, management plane, and monitoring plane

Control plane: complete system protocol processing, service processing and routing computing system security

Management plane: Monitors system running status, logs and alarms, and loads the system. For example, Telnet and Web are used

Manage devices such as SSH

Forwarding plane: implements service switching for each module and processes various data on different ports of each switch

Monitoring plane: Monitors the system environment, controls the power on and off of the voltage detection system, monitors the temperature, and controls the fans to ensure that the system runs properly


Supplementary: Box devices belong to the middle and high-end series and are generally deployed in core positions in network engineering projects, which generally refer to campus networks and enterprise data centers. If large operators belong to the PE devices that connect the backbone network device nodes and backbones with the edge of customers. Here just understand can.

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