Why is fiber to the home still slow?

Many users have this kind of doubt, after upgrading broadband package, why does the Internet speed not improve? Why buy a router when light cats emit Wi-Fi signals? How to choose the right router?

For the above confusion, today CCTV frequency carried out popular science.

According to the report, a Woman surnamed Zou in Beijing recently installed fiber-optic broadband in her home. She found that the Internet connection was not smooth, and the Wi-Fi signal in some rooms was not good. After the operator came to visit her, she suggested that she install a new router.

Wi-fi is only one of the three functions. Compared with the wi-fi router, the optical cat has some differences. Therefore, it is recommended to add a router in addition to the light cat.

Why is fiber to the home still slow?Xu Jun, senior technician of communication line service of China Telecom Shanghai Branch, added that different gateways have different Wi-Fi capabilities. Some have 2.4ghz band, while others support 2.4ghz and 5GHz band, which can basically meet the single scene and small house Wi-Fi coverage. However, in the case of complex scenarios, large coverage area, and multiple access devices, you are advised to add a Wi-Fi router.

Xu Jun also popularized the skills of choosing a router. First, the speed of the router should be more than twice that of the broadband to the home. Second, the router with wi-fi 6 wireless protocol should be selected, which can solve the data congestion and delay problems when the router is connected with multiple devices.

Is the more antennas the better? Xu jun said that many router antennas are now built in, so attention should be paid to its beam rendering, multi-user multi-channel multiplexing and other technologies, such as 2X2 MIMO.

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