Router password forget how to do router change password guide

For most routers, if you forget the router admin user name and password, you cannot enter the router. In this case, you can only reset the router to the factory default state. However, for DLINK, you can log in with the default normal account to view the Settings. At the same time, because the resetting methods of different brands and models of routers are different, they are roughly the same and have some commonalities, so a comprehensive approach is used here to solve the problem.

1. Unplug all network cables from the router and only keep the power cord.

2, and then use a slightly pointed nib to stab the "RESET" hole on the back of the router;

3, some of the "RESET" button, also press the "RESET" do not put;

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4. Disconnect the power supply of the router again, remember to hold down the reset button or the reset hole. Because some routers need to be reset when they are powered on, this comprehensive approach also involves powering on the router.

5. Reconnect the power supply, and all the indicators on the front panel of the router will flash quickly:

6. Keep the power on and turn on the power supply for about 5 seconds (some can be 10s), and the indicator light will return to normal flashing. Press the RESET button to restore the router configuration to the factory default value.

Router password forget how to do router change password guide

7. After the default value is restored, the router account is admin, and some passwords are also admin, while some passwords are empty. Then, the router background management IP address should be, and some are Some of this information can be seen on the router backplane:

8. Then we connect the computer with the network cable. The other end of the network cable is connected to any one of the LAN ports on the router (generally marked in yellow), but the WAN port is not connected at first; Or connect the SSID of the router wirelessly:

9. Then, if the computer can obtain the IP, the router is reset successfully. Then we should be able to enter the router background management IP (e.g. through IE:

How does a router change its password

Generally, routers have a default login account and password, and usually this account does not need us to change, but sometimes, we do not want to share Internet users to log in to the router to modify parameters? The easiest way is to change the router's default password. So how to change the password of the router, which is not understood by many initial users of the router, the next article will introduce the router to change the password graphic tutorial, including the setting of the login password of the router and the modification of the wireless password two parts, do not know the user is worth learning.

How do I change the router login password?

Generally, the default router login account name and password are admin, which is known to everyone on earth. Any user on the router network can use the default router account password to log in to the router management interface. Generally, the administrator will change the default router login password to prevent users from modifying the router Internet access parameters and setting the rate limit. So how to change the router login password? The following steps are introduced.

1. Enter the default router login address in the WEB address window of the browser window (different brands of routers may be different, please refer to the nameplate on the router shell), and then press Enter to see the router login box pop up.

Our user name and password belong to admin by default (different brands of routers may be different, please refer to the nameplate on the router shell if not).

2. Then we successfully entered the router management interface. Then we found the item of "Modify login password" under "System Tools" in the left menu of the router management interface, as shown below:

3. Click modify password, the dialog box will pop up on the right side, then enter the default user name and password on the top, and fill in the new user name and password on the bottom, as shown in the picture below, I only change the password, the user name is still admin, if you want to change the user name, please fill in by yourself.

4. Click "Finish" below to successfully change the router login password. Next time you want to log in to the router, you cannot log in using the default account, and you need to set the password to log in.

PS: If you forget the login password of the router later, please restore the router to factory Settings.

How do I change the wireless router password?

What a lot of users use is wireless router above all wireless Internet access, but our wireless router Internet access password is sometimes known by others, want to get rid of, prevent others ceng net how should repair this? The method is also very simple, and then a brief introduction.

1, the same login router management interface, has been introduced above, here will not repeat, to enter the router management interface, we click the left "wireless Settings" and then click the "wireless security Settings" below, then the right side will pop up the login interface.

2, then we can change the PSK password, we see that it is our current wireless password, we modify, click the bottom save to complete the wireless router password change look, very simple.

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