Common types of trailer axle and accessories matching scheme

​trailer is a kind of its own driving force model, needs a tractor to provide power to drive, from the structure of the main can be divided into full-mounted, mid-mounted shaft and semi-mounted types, in which the full-mounted and mid-mounted shaft is more common.

All hanging

In the shaft

Half hanging

a6a6ad45c5ace7295b5e8b183c1522e6The application field of trailer is extremely wide, warehouse, factory, port, wharf, farmland, highway, field and so on, almost everyone can see their figure.

Due to the different operating conditions, the function of the trailer is also extremely different. According to Semi Trailer Manufacturers, tonnage was mostly concentrated between 3t-10t; ​some special purpose trailers, such as those used in factories to move large equipment, can reach 25t tonnage; ​there are also some short trailer tonnage that can be as light as 1.5t or so.

The differentiation in function partly causes the difficulty in matching accessories. Taking axle as an example, compared with semi-trailer bridge, the specifications and parameters of trailer bridge are more niche, so it is difficult to find a perfect matching spot in the market, which usually requires customized design and production according to demand. In addition, such as steel rings, tires and additional accessories, usually also need to be matched separately.

This can make a lot of have no contact with the axle and accessories industry of the trailer users make it difficult. Although they are extremely clear about their use requirements, they do not understand enough about the parameters and sizes required for customization and the accessories required for assembly.

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