Light cat, router, switch, wifi popular definition

Nowadays, the Network has entered thousands of households, the Internet has become an essential thing in our life. In general, the most common network devices in the home are: optical modem (optical modem), router, switch, wifi, but many white users can not easily distinguish between them. When you call for help with a network failure, it often takes a long time to resolve the problem because you can't tell the device apart. Next, the xiaobian of Feichang Technology will introduce the concepts and functions of the optical cat, router, switch and wifi in detail.

1. Optical modem: Optical modem, also known as single-port optical transceiver, is a kind of optical fiber transmission terminal equipment.

The common application scenarios are as follows: User, Ethernet optical modem, optical cable, E1 Optical modem, 2M cable, local SDH optical terminal A, local SDH optical terminal B, PDH Optical terminal, E1 To Ethernet cotransfer - User device (Ethernet switch or computer).

Light cat, router, switch, wifi popular definition

Optical modem is the key component of optical fiber communication system because optical modulation and demodulation are necessary to realize optical communication

2, switch: the main is to achieve through a cable to the Internet, has extended the function of the front-end ports, but everyone is respectively dial-up Internet, broadband, each using their own appropriate people surf the Internet without the influence, even if the others in the download, is no effect to surf the Internet, and all use the same computer switches are in the same local area network (LAN). Our industrial switches and industrial PoE switches also fall into this category.

Light cat, router, switch, wifi popular definition

3. Router: Like switch, it can extend network port and has virtual dialing function. The computers accessing the Internet through the same router share the same broadband account, which affects each other. For example, when a computer is downloading, other computers on the same router will obviously feel that the Internet speed is slow. Computers on the same router are also on the same LAN. Our industrial 4G routers also fall into this category, and there are many classes of routers according to their grades.

4. WiFi: Is a technology that allows electronic devices to connect to a wireless local area Network (WLAN), usually using the 2.4g UHF or 5G SHF ISM radio frequency band. Connections to wireless lans are usually password protected; But it is also open, allowing any device in the WLAN range to connect to it. Wi-fi is a brand of wireless network communication technology held by the Wi-Fi Alliance to improve the interoperability between wireless networking products based on the IEEE 802.11 standard.

5. Supplementary: Some netizens say that routers can be used as switches. The method is as follows:
Do not connect the network cable from the optical modem to the WAN port, but to any LAN port. In this case, the router functions as a switch.

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