Fiber optics only for Internet access? There are so many uses for it

Many people think that optical fiber is only used for Internet access. In fact, as a material, optical fiber can play more than data communication. After matching with other categories of products, it can produce different effects. In this installment, we'll look at some of the upgrades that other products have made with fiber optics.

We will not repeat the capability of DP cable, this kind of active optical cable is fiber/copper hybrid cable, both sides, slim and light, the original super level is raised again.

In addition to the above DP cable, HDMI cable can also do fiber/copper hybrid. It has all the advantages of DP active optical cable, plus multi-channel audio, and easy to distinguish between "signal source" and "display".

Although DVI cable has been used less, but there is still potential for appreciation. With fiber optic cables, the transmission distance is greatly extended. Active optical cables are thinner and more flexible, do not require external power, and their advantages include source connection devices that can be programmed to store EDID information.

Fiber optics only for Internet access? There are so many uses for itFieldbus serial RS485/422/232, need to extend the transmission distance through optical fiber. Multiple features, including 2.5kV serial port isolation, DIN rail, and fault warning, ensure stable long-distance transmission in harsh industrial environments.

This one features ease of deployment, cost savings and reliable exchange. It can automatically and automatically adjust a combination of two - or three-speed ports, including 10/100TX RJ45, 10/100/1000TX RJ45 and 1000FX SFP as well as easy-to-read system status LEDS. It also features automatic detection, IP40 aluminum alloy radiator housing and fanless design to greatly extend the average trouble-free time.

Optical filter is used for wavelength selection of instruments, it can pick out the desired wavelength from a large number of wavelengths. This filter starts at 1471nm and includes LC/UPC connectors, multiplexing/demultiplexing listening port options, and PASS ports that remain open without CWDM channels.

The addition of optical fiber to USB, which many manufacturers have started to move, is mainly to extend the transmission distance, reduce signal loss, but also reduce weight. For users with higher REQUIREMENTS of USB, USB active cable can bring an even better experience.

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