How often does the router shut down?

Every family has a router, and many people will not take the initiative to turn it off after buying a router to install and use, except in special circumstances such as power failure at home. The general configuration of most home routers is not particularly high, and there are certain limitations to use.

So what is the impact of not turning off the router for a long time on Internet speed? How often should we turn off our routers? Let's look at it in this video.

Impact of not being connected to a router for a long time

Let's take a look at the impact of long-term router shutdown. There are three main aspects:

Firstly, if the router is not shut down for a long time, the router will overheat. Especially in the high-temperature environment in summer, the router will get hot when it is running for a long time. In fact, this is the same as our home appliances. In the case of heat, use will easily cause damage to a hardware device inside. Don't look at its small size, long time uninterrupted operation, but also will lead to the aging of hardware equipment, will not only slow down the network speed, but also all kinds of faults. If that happens, we can turn the router off for a few minutes, 10 minutes or so, and then turn it on and turn it back on.

How often does the router shut down?

Secondly, our router is the same as our mobile phone. It also has a cache. If it is not turned off for a long time, a large amount of cache garbage will be stored.

As the number of devices connected to the router increases, so does the amount of data being forwarded, which leads to more caches, or higher memory usage. If the memory of the router is small and the cache is too large, that is, the memory usage is high, data packet loss and flow interruption may occur.

Because the router acts as an intermediary in the data transfer, it stores some of the data cache garbage generated during our use. Time is long, cache is much, also cause the phenomenon of network caton.

This is also a common phenomenon in many families. So we need to shut down the router and then restart it so that it can automatically clean up the cache garbage.

Third, it's 2022, and some families are still using a router device from years ago. Because the router is old and has been running for so many years, the hardware inside the router is aging after several summers of hot use. For a long time, the memory occupied full temperature, and can not send out. The cache is not cleaned regularly during use.

In such an environment, using a router will only slow down our Internet connection. If you have a device in your home that's been used for several years, it's recommended to reconsider buying one here.

After analyzing the three long-term effects of not turning off the router, let's talk about how long we should turn off the router.

It is certainly not realistic to close it every day. After all, it is network equipment, which cannot be maintained as a treasure. In addition, many families have routers and other devices in use, such as some monitoring equipment, smart audio, smart home and other devices. This device needs to be connected to the Internet to use, so you can't turn off the Internet every day.

The best way to do this is to restart it once a week and clean up the cache garbage. We can turn it off before going to bed at night, after all, we don't need to use the Internet for sleeping at night, and it won't delay us from using the router during the day. This protects the router and increases its service life.

In addition, if you feel that the network is slow at ordinary times, you can also restart the router appropriately to alleviate the phenomenon of network congestion.

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