Similar Japanese beauty inflatable doll wants how much money to be able to buy probably?

Sex dolls are a kind of artificial adult sex product, made according to a certain proportion of girls, instead of real people to meet the sex cream tide. The inflatable doll is soft and elastic after inflating. The skin is similar to that of a real girl. It is easy to carry and clean and can be used repeatedly.

China's sex industry has reached 100 billion yuan in annual sales, but the country's severe gender imbalance has made the sex doll market hot.


Common classification:

First, ordinary inflatable doll inflatable molding, inflatable volume is close to adult size, the body is relatively soft and elastic, but the skin is hard plastic skin, the body and limbs are relatively round, can not show the beauty of the human body, the appearance is rough, can only roughly simulate the human structure.

Life like sex doll is solid, which can be made of TPR material and silicone rubber. The whole body is very similar to human skin, and the head and body shape are close to real people.

Points for attention:

Although the effect of sex dolls seems to reduce the transmission of sexual diseases on the surface, if many people use a sex doll, and the disinfection is not strict, it will also spread diseases. Therefore, it is suggested that the use of "inflatable dolls" should be used for their own exclusive use.

Choose the inflatable doll inflatable use, do not in order to feel good and comfortable filled. In this case, if the force is too large, it is easy to cause the inflatable doll to crack. It is recommended to fill up to 80%. Of course, you can also try the new "Miniture sex doll".

After using the inflatable doll, in order to keep the body hollow, it is recommended to use the inflator to suck the air out of the body and let it compress into a thin layer for future use.

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