Integrated graphics card and independent graphics card distinction and characteristics

I believe that many users have heard about integrated graphics card and independent graphics card these two terms, but for the two between the end of what features? What difference does it make? Let’s introduce this problem for you.

Simply put, the integrated graphics card will contain the display module into the motherboard chipset, so there is no need to install other graphics card equipment; The independent graphics card means that the display module is independent of the motherboard chipset, so it needs to assemble the graphics card.

Integrated graphics card without additional graphics card equipment, can further reduce the notebook’s internal space utilization rate, can make the notebook thinner, easier to heat, in addition to the integrated graphics card power consumption and heat are smaller; However, due to the binding of display module and motherboard chipset, there is no combination of display module and chipset for consumers to choose, and there is no single chip for display module processing, resulting in a relatively general display effect.

Integrated graphics card and independent graphics card distinction and characteristicsAnd independent graphics card its use of professional image display processing chip (GPU), performance is more powerful, it can not only be competent for the usual general work, but also in large games and 3D processing to show their skills, making the notebook also finally get rid of the past shy, can straight waist to face the majority of game lovers to choose; However, the disadvantages of independent graphics cards are also obvious. The introduction of professional GPU leads to the increase of power consumption of the whole machine and the significant increase of calorific value at the same time, which limits the development of the machine to the direction of thinner and thinner. GPU has become a heavy energy consumer after CPU, which is also a main reason for the decline of laptop portability.

The biggest advantage of independent graphics card is performance, compared with integrated graphics card, its performance is completely different, and because of its smaller occupation of system resources, so the overall performance is also less. But independent graphics card can make heat increase, and the body is larger, also often need more money expenditure.

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