What happens when a graphics card fails

Do you know what the performance of the graphics card failure is? Computer graphics card fault usually lead to boot no display, screen, font blur, color display is not normal, abnormal screen, crash, graphics card driver loss and so on. A look at the performance of the graphics card failure, welcome to consult!

Graphics card as an important part of PC computer, its importance is self-evident. In the daily use of the computer process, we encounter the graphics card failure is not much, because the problem after the performance is quite intuitive, relatively simple to solve. Most of the faults are caused by poor contact between the motherboard and the graphics card or incorrect installation of the driver. The following is the common daily work of the graphics card faults and troubleshooting methods. A brief introduction is as follows:

Nutshell graphics is the control of computer graphics output, you like them and linked to video, video is actually the combination of images, through more than a character display picture of continuous graphics combined into video, so said professional graphics is the graphics adapter, as long as the known graphics and the computer display screen display has a lot to do.

What happens when a graphics card fails

Understand the role of the graphics card, then for the video card is broken symptoms naturally associated with the display screen, if the graphics card completely broken, the computer boot screen will appear without any display, if the video card is bad is not particularly serious, may appear, display screen to display, but the display color is not normal, the picture is fuzzy, even because the problem of video card, Frequent crashes, etc.

In addition, the symptoms of broken graphics card display screen, blurred handwriting, screen color and incomplete display of the screen and so on.

Generally speaking. The graphics card is broken symptoms of these, occasionally will encounter ━ some strange phenomenon, such as to enter the picture, but the old prompt graphics card driver failure, etc., and then lead to no screen display, etc., these are easier to judge is likely to be a graphics card failure.

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