You won’t regret buying a hard drive

If you had to choose between a solid state drive and a mechanical hard drive, you would definitely choose the solid state. Why is that? Because hurry up! With some SSDS reaching speeds of up to 3500MB/s, mechanical hard drives are slow at a snail’s pace, but I’ll tell you, you won’t regret buying one.

You won't regret buying a hard drive

Cheap is not important, the important thing is enough

We all know that the advantage of mechanical hard disk is cheap. Take Seagate SkyHawk ST4000VX007 vertical disk as an example, the price of 4T capacity is 528 yuan, the average price per T is 132 yuan, the price of imlaminated disk is lower; But if you want to buy the solid, the 1T unit will cost about 600 yuan.

May be a lot of players feel SSD price has been very close to the people, but we should pay attention to the amount of sufficient is also need our attention to the point, after all, your motherboard interface is limited, a single hard disk capacity determines the capacity of the computer upper limit.

While mechanical hard drives are cheap at 4T and can be easily swapped for 10T or even 20T if you’re willing to pay a bit more, SSDS are much more discreet. Some motherboards only have 1 M.2 port and 4 SATA ports, so SSDS are not enough for gaming enthusiasts and video hoarders.

Lost data is not terrible, terrible is not to find back

Don’t think important data needs to be read and written at high speed, so it should be on an SSD. You’re wrong. Look at professionals backing up files on a mechanical hard drive, which is also an issue of file security and data recovery.

Generally speaking, mechanical hard disk whether delete files or format, as long as the original file is not overwritten, it can be retrieved, even if the hard disk is damaged, as long as the platter is not broken, your data is basically not lost, but it will cost money to recover.

But SSD is different, SSD can be found below the circumstance that deletes partition only, other no matter delete a file or format hard disk, data is lost basically cannot be found, money also cannot do ah

Low temperature is fine, high temperature is the problem

Many computers have a good external use environment, but the internal temperature is not necessarily appropriate, will also have an impact on hard disk use.

Mechanical hard disk is not sensitive to temperature, as long as the computer does not have a high temperature blue screen, basically do not have to worry about mechanical hard disk damage, and it does not matter for a long time, put 10 years 8 years also use.

However, SSDS are different because the particles inside SSDS are more sensitive to high temperature, which may cause SSD speed loss. In addition, if the SSD is not in use for a long time, you are advised to power on the SSD every two years to avoid data confusion and loss.

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