Your home Internet is slowing down?

Now is the Internet age, almost every household has installed a router. After ALL, THE FLOW rate OF the mobile phone is too expensive, it is better to install a broadband, unlimited flow to use, can satisfy the demand of mobile phone, computer to get online.

However, I often hear some friends complain that their home Internet speed is getting slower and slower. A common problem with these complaining friends is that they rarely turn off their routers. Because they need to be connected to the Internet and on their phones all the time, it is normal to leave the router on for a year or so to save trouble, except in special circumstances such as power failure.

Because OF THE NETWORK PROBLEM, HAD CONSULTED THE BROADBAND COMPANY SPECIALLY, THE BROADBAND MASTER SAID THE SECRET: THE NETWORK IS WORSE AND WORSE, IT IS THE PROBLEM OF THE ROUTER MOSTLY. For example, the following 3 situations will lead to the network deterioration. Follow suit, the network no longer “turtle speed”.

Working for a long time makes the router hot

Routers are also electrical appliances, and they can get hot if you work for a long time. Especially in the hot summer, the high temperature environment itself will make the machine hot, coupled with long hours of work, there will be naturally “tired”, thus affecting the network speed.

If the router works continuously for a long time, the hardware will easily age, slow down the network speed, and shorten the service life of the router

Your home Internet is slowing down?The solution:

In this case, simply turn your router off for 10 minutes or so and give it a short break. This can not only solve the problem of slow network speed, but also avoid the router hardware aging.

Store a large number of garbage, cache, affect the network speed

Routers, like mobile phones, can get more cache junk if left on for a long time. The router’s job is to transfer data over the network, and just like a cell phone, when too much cache accumulates, it slows down the Internet.

As the data is transferred, the router slowly accumulates a cache of garbage. More and more cache, router burden is too heavy, naturally prone to the situation of delay, which is also a common phenomenon in many families using routers.

The solution:

In the face of this kind of cache too much resulting in a stalling situation, we can restart the router. After the router is shut down, the accumulated cache will be automatically cleared, and then restart to solve the problem.

Hardware aging, can not keep up with the needs of The Times

From 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G, network signals and mobile phones have been updated. In the past, a picture of tens of K can be used, but now a high-definition picture needs tens of M. The video quality is getting higher and higher, and the required flow is getting larger and larger.

However, a lot of people are still using the router a few years ago in their homes, and the time used by the router is long, which will naturally appear the aging situation. Aging routers, by themselves, can slow down Internet speeds.

Plus it can’t keep up with the needs of The Times, let you feel the Internet speed is slow, is also a normal thing. For example: the original 100M can watch a video, now in HD, Blu-ray picture quality, need 500M, naturally make you feel the problem of slow network speed.

The solution:

The best thing you can do if your hardware is aging, or if your device isn’t keeping up with The Times, is to get a new router. Upgrading is an inevitable result, so are mobile phones, computers and other electronic products, and routers are no exception.

How often should I restart or shut down?

If the router is not restarted for a long time, the router may age and cache may accumulate. But you don’t need to restart it every day. After all, many people will install monitoring devices in their homes, which need network support, and it is troublesome to restart and shut down every day.

In general, it’s worth restarting and shutting down your router once a week to allow it to clear its cache and take a break. Choose when you sleep online so that it doesn’t interfere with other people’s Internet use.

Some people turn off their router before going to bed and restart it when they wake up to save power. Although more cumbersome, but it can effectively protect the router, and can also save some electricity bills.


If you want to do a good job, you must sharpen your tools first. Give your router a short “vacation” periodically, which can not only keep the network normal, but also protect the service life of your router.

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