Living room a network cable to solve IPTV and broadband methods

With broadband fiber in the home, broadcast cable television is largely gone. In its place is the broadband operator's IPTV. However, the IPTV of many operators needs a separate network cable, which cannot be shared with the network cable for broadband Internet access. For many families, there is only one network cable in the living room or room where IPTV is used. If IPTV is used, then there is no broadband network. What is the way to make broadband and IPTV share the same network cable?

There are ways, and there are many. This article will go through them all.

First, set broadband and IPTV to share the same port on the optical terminal. This setting requires knowing the administrator account and password of the optical terminal, and also requires certain hands-on ability. On the optical modem side, the IPTV and broadband are bound to the same port, and the IPTV is set to a VLAN. Of course, this kind of router also needs a router that supports IPTV access. Set a LAN port on the router as the IPTV connector to connect to the IPTV set-top box.

Second, the previous method requires access to the light cat setting. You can't change Light Cat without knowing its super account and password. Each of the two methods is light on the cat end without requiring any modifications. However, this requires two VLAN switches.

This Mesh network is also possible if multiple routers are used.

3. Buy two Mesh routers that support IPTV. It can realize single line multiplexing of IPTV. However, only TP-Link Mesh routers seem to support this mode. This configuration is the simplest. After two or more routers Mesh, set the IPTV interface on the main router and connect the IPTV interface on the optical router. An IPTV port is set on the subroute to connect to the IPTV set-top box. This wireless Mesh network is also feasible.

Of course, multiple TP-link cable networking, is also possible.

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