WLAN is different from wifi and 4G

What is 3 g

The term 3rd-generation (3G) refers to cellular mobile communication technology that supports high-speed data transmission. 3G services can transmit voice and data simultaneously at speeds of several hundred KBPS or more. Currently there are four kinds of 3G standards: CDMA2000, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, WiMAX.

Difference between WLAN and 4G

What is 4 g

4G refers to the fourth generation mobile phone mobile communication standard, is the fourth generation of mobile communication technology. It can be deployed in areas not covered by DSL and cable modems, and then expanded to the entire region.

Generally speaking, the difference between WLAN and WIFI lies in that WIFI networks work in the 2.4g or 5G frequency band, which has a short function distance and is conducive to frequency reuse. It is a protocol to implement wireless networking, namely, the handshake protocol. WLAN refers to the five devices through one or several base stations interconnected, you can form an internal LAN through wireless connection, if the base station can access the Internet, then the wireless devices connected to the LAN can access the Internet, this is their difference, and 3G is also a wireless Internet, but their protocol is not the same. WLAN and 3G can be used together, but the charge is double. For 4G, it is a combination of 3G and WLAN, and can transmit high-quality video images, it is worth mentioning that 4G image transmission quality is comparable to high definition TV. Obviously, relative to 3G, it has incomparable superiority.

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What is the WLAN

A WLAN is a wireless local area network (WLAN) based on the IEEE802.11 standard. WLAN can be used in a LAN environment and can be connected to the 2.4GHz or 5GHz radio band in the ISM band without authorization. It is a convenient data transmission system and is widely used.

What is the WiFi

Wi-fi is a technology that connects personal computers and handheld devices (such as PDAs and cell phones) wirelessly to each other. Wi-fi is a brand of wireless network communication technology owned by the Wi-Fi Alliance. The purpose is to improve the interoperability between wireless network products based on IEEE 802.11 standard. Nowadays, people confuse Wi-Fi with IEEE 802.11. It even equates Wi-Fi with the Wireless Internet.

What does 3G have to do with WiFi

WLAN is different from wifi and 4G

Quite simply, 3G has nothing to do with WiFi. 3G is the upgraded version of 2G mobile communication network and belongs to mobile communication network. WiFi is the wireless network. The most common one is that if your mobile phone or laptop supports wireless function, you can search the nearby wireless network and access the Internet. This is WiFi. Now many families use ADSL, configured with a wireless router, can realize the home of multiple computers wireless Internet access. That's wifi.

So why 3G comes, so many people confuse the two concepts. The biggest reason is that 3G networks can also be used for high-speed wireless Internet access. After buying a 3G network card, you can connect to the Internet directly by inserting the network card. But in this case it's over 3G mobile networks, not wifi.

In contrast, WIFI can achieve transmission speeds of more than 50M, but the disadvantage is that the support distance is limited, such as your home wireless router can only be used at home. And 3G can achieve national roaming Internet access, but the speed is limited, after upgrading 3G, 3G Internet access can reach 1M or so, the actual speed of more than 300K.

In addition, operators will recommend their own WiFi network service, but the network is built nationwide, according to the charge standard.

WIFI in KFC, McDonald's and other public places will provide free, 3G, the need for mobile phone support, and the cost is relatively high, although the WIFI speed is faster than 3G, but there are coverage area restrictions, and 3G as long as your local operators opened 3G services, you can use 3G.

Is WiFi the same as WLAN

Well, wifi means the same thing as WLAN.

Wifi depends on the signal strength of the signal source that provides the signal. You can buy an infinite router and connect the network cable at home. You can get a signal out by yourself. The downside is small coverage (almost the size of your home).

3G is a wireless messaging technology where a mobile carrier sends a 3G signal from a base tower, which you can use for a fee.

The advantage is that the coverage is large, the speed is relatively fast (I use Unicom'S 3G WCDMA, should be the fastest in China at present, in Beijing and Shanghai and other big cities generally have 200~ 300KB /s speed; Disadvantage is more expensive, specific charges can go to the home page of each communication business inquiry.

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