What if the router doesn't get a good signal? How do I enhance my router's signal

There are many reasons for wireless router signals, including physical interference, poor location, problems with wireless receivers such as mobile phones, and problems with wireless routers themselves. But in general, problem elimination and solution are not difficult.

What if the router doesn't get a good signal? How do I enhance my router's signal


1. Wireless routers


3. Wireless terminals such as computers or mobile phones


1. First of all, in order to check whether our router supports wireless signal increase, for example, tP-Link's tL-WR2041N special "Turbo" button can enhance wireless signal coverage with one click, we can directly press this button once, when the light is on, it indicates that the "Turbo" function is enabled:

2, of course, too far away from the wireless router signal will be weakened, so you should try not to be too far away from the wireless router:

3. At the same time, ensure that there are not too many barriers. Too many barriers or through the wall will greatly affect the wireless signal:

4. Interference generated by some home appliances during operation will seriously affect the wireless signal, so do not place the wireless router near the home appliance:

5, sometimes it may be caused by the instability of our mobile phone or laptop, you can restart these wireless terminals, or switch the "flight mode" of the mobile phone:

6. It may also be the channel problem of the wireless router. You can try to change the channel of the wireless router to 6 or 9 or other common channels:

7, there is another phenomenon that can not be ignored, wireless router overheating will also cause wireless signal instability, you can try to shut down the wireless router for a while:

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