Three things to recognize after middle age

In middle age, a lot of things change. You may have a family, you may have a stable job.

You can’t be as reckless as you used to be, but you also can’t compromise yourself and let the trifles of life overwhelm you.

Li Bihua once said, “People seldom live for themselves, either for the people they love or for the people they hate.”

Middle age is a turning point in life. The first half of your life you almost live in other people’s plans, but after middle age I hope everyone can live for themselves.

After middle age, there are three things to recognize. As long as you recognize these three things, everything in life will be earth-shaking changes.

Number one: Don’t interfere too much in your family’s life.​

You become a family, it’s fate, and life definitely needs you to interact 39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai.

However, before becoming a family member, everyone is an independent individual. They also have their own ideas and plans for the future.

You need to be more tolerant and understanding towards your lover. If you control your lover too tightly, it will only backfire.

People have a rebellious mood, really good love needs to know how to hold each other’s mood, just like eating meals on weekdays, only meat or only food will be tired, but you will not change to eat.

7dd0678537fb4ab651a4704bd8ecdd56This is what people call freshness, intimacy and personal space are needed to keep love fresh.

Then there is the idea of children, which is a very common problem in reality.

Some parents don’t have the ability to fulfill their own wishes, so they expect their children to do it for them.

​Like the movie “the Mozart of outer space”, Ren Dawang wants to let Ren Xiaotian learn piano, but Ren Xiaotian loves astronomy, because both sides produced contradiction.

​The elderly always think that their own ideas are more appropriate, but they always do not take into account the feelings of their children and impose their own ideas on them, which is very selfish behavior.

This sound of “good for you” is very hurtful to children, and the intervention of parents will only hinder the growth of children, let children’s childhood shadow, and even produce rebellious emotions.

Children are not the contents of your dreams, nor are they puppets that you should control. They have their own lives and development. Do not block the relationship and future between you.

Second: know “break away from”, put down the grudges

The old generation always remember very clearly, the good and bad of others will always be hung in the mouth.

And these things will slowly spread to the ears of the children, parents tell their own resentment, ostensibly “for the good of the children”, hoping that the children know more about the world, but in fact, the children as a garbage can, vent their own dissatisfaction, in order to achieve empathy.

But the child is clean from birth, the previous generation’s grudge for the child that is shackles.

It is a sad thing that they should suffer from grievances when they have done nothing wrong. What is more sad is that the elders are stubborn and will not listen to anything that goes against their will.

You know, truth has never been regardless of age, not who is older who is right.

Just like the bus seat, let is not to let is duty, some people like moral kidnapping, think they are old, everyone should let her.

People in middle age, must understand: let go of grudges, let life become clear.

Some people live in resentment all their life, but in the end the bitter only themselves, others may even cause you to hate the thing that has been forgotten.

When you blame someone else for being bad to you, think about how much it has affected your life. Perhaps a large part of the impact is because you won’t let go of yourself.

Sometimes, a “forget it” is not cowardly, it is to make yourself happy and relaxed.

Life in the world to go, live to live some happiness, do not always impose something on themselves or others, that really will be very tiring.

Number three: Make loving yourself a priority

The person who knows you best in the world must be yourself.

Don’t want people to care about you all the time. After all, sometimes they have no time to care.

Taking care of yourself is something we all need to learn throughout our lives. When you put yourself first, life will open the door to happiness for you.

In life, many middle-aged people are always unable to love themselves, they always like to find excuses to make themselves become bad, and then blame others.

For example: “If I don’t do it, no one will.” “I gave you everything. I made you who you are.”

Every word they say makes people suffocate and want to escape.

They do not love themselves or others, and even hurt others in the name of “love”.

Middle-aged, you should also understand that people’s lives are different because of different personalities, different thoughts.

Now is not the old society. go out to see contact with different people, you will find that life can be very simple and happy.

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