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  1. Education sales skills and words
    If to become an excellent salesman, mastering some sales skills is essential, then what are the effective and practical sales skills? Below it introduces the summary of the sales experts. The five major sales techniques can be for reference!

    Sales skills 1: Li Bing 秣
    The warfare says that there is no preparation. As for sales, the truth is the same. Many promoters who have just debuted usually have a misunderstanding that sales are to be able to say that they can be said. In fact, it is not the same thing at all. I remember at that time we trained for nearly a month, from product knowledge to fault analysis, from corporate history to sales skills, and each link was repeatedly practiced until backwards. At that time, our colleagues often joked each other and said that we became robots. I remember that in order to debug a best music effect at that time, without customers present, I concentrated on the repeated test of one key and one key. It lasted for nearly a week and finally got my satisfaction effect.
    We every time it is my turn to rest, I always like to go to various stores to turn around: First, investigate the market and do it in my heart. Nowadays, customers always like to make promoters. How cheaper is there and how much folding. If you can't understand these situations, you will be very passive when facing customers. Second, you can learn the techniques of other promoters. Only by the length of each family, can you refine the unbeatable golden body!
    marketing skills 2: Follow details
    Now there are many introduction of promotional skills The book will basically talk about the promoters to be enthusiastic. But in reality, many promoters cannot understand the essence of them. They think that enthusiasm is to smile with a smile and take the initiative to speak. In fact, this is also wrong. There must be a degree of everything. Excessive enthusiasm will have a negative effect.
    This is not simply expressed through external expressions. The key is to do it with your heart. The so -called sincere arrival, the golden stone is open! Dive the night with the wind, the moisturizing is silent, and the true sincerity is to want customers to think, use the company's products to meet their needs and make them benefit.
    Sales techniques 3: By force
    Sales are a process of integrating resources. How to use various resources reasonably and help the help of sales performance. This is equally important as a promoter standing on the front line of sales.
    We often encounter scammers on the streets to perform fraud. Generally, there is a role -that is commonly known as the trust, and his important role is to settle the atmosphere. Of course, we can't do illegal things, but can we get some inspiration from it? When I do a promoter, I often use a method, which is very effective. It is to play the double reed with colleagues. Especially for some customers who are interested in buying, when we get stuck on the price or other issues, I often ask the manager to help. It shows that we really pay attention to him, and the leaders have come forward. Secondly, it is more convenient to negotiate. As long as the leader gives him a little benefit, customers generally pay for it, and they will be tried and tested! Let's lead. The key is to satisfy the vanity of customers and the bad faults of love and greed.
    Sales techniques IV: See you good and collect
    The most afraid of sales is to drag mud with water, and improperly stop. According to my experience, at the sales site, the customer stayed at 5-7 minutes is the best! Some promoters are not good at inspecting words. When the customer already has the willingness to buy, they cannot seize the opportunity to promote sales. As a result, the sales failed. Therefore, we must keep in mind our mission, that is, to promote sales! Whether you introduce the product or do other efforts, you will eventually sell products. Therefore, as long as you reach the edge of the sales, you must immediately adjust your mind, brake emergency, and try to contract. Once you miss the opportunity, it is more difficult to hook the customer's desire again. This is also the easiest error for the promoters who just started.
    sales technique 5: Sending Junye: There is a saying in sales, the cost of developing a new customer is 27 times that of the cost of an old customer! You know, the business brought by the old customers is far more than you Think more. When I was doing a promoter, I paid great attention to maintaining a good relationship with the transaction customers, which also brought me a generous return. In fact, it is also very simple to do. As long as he carefully helps him to make a bag and bring a sincere goodbye. If it is not very busy, you can even send him to the elevator mouth. Sometimes, some insignificant moves will move customers!
    The can quickly reply
    Capitalized phrases, stored in the knowledge base of shortcut recovery assistant, not only reducing repeated typing, but also easy to send one click, and through it, it can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce workload. In different dialogue situations, sales can quickly retrieve corresponding skills and send them to customers to communicate.
    The structure of "public discourse departmental discourse personal talk", enterprises can restore high -quality words to public talk, realize the sharing of many corporate teams, and all sales in the team can be seen. And use this set of high -quality talks, the dialogue skills are unified. And support multi -person editing at the same time, in real time, and multi -equipment roaming. For different departments, department managers can also put high -quality discourse in the corresponding departmental discourse for employees of the department. If employees have more useful or common techniques, they can also put them in personal words.

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